YouTube, the second largest search engine- how can it harness your business?

With over 13 million hours of video already uploaded in 2010 and around 35 hours of video being uploaded in one minute, YouTube has become the one of the most popular search engines in the world.

From movies, cartoon strips, video presentations, corporate clips etc., people from all walks of life upload videos on YouTube but the question arises, what is the benefit of video uploading? How can it help my business?

So, let us understand how video broadcasting on YouTube can enhance your business:-

  1. Search Volume
  2. YouTube is now the second largest search engine with around 700 billion videos viewed in 2010 which means more traffic.

    As more and more users now prefer to browse on YouTube, uploading your company videos can be the right decision. You may not be having a corporate film of your company or any other video clip but you can also upload a presentation, work portfolio or an interview of your company’s CEO on this platform.

  3. Multi Lingual
  4. With billions of videos uploaded every minute and millions of user traffic, YouTube is now accessible to the users of 25 countries which directly targets the people speaking 43 languages.

    It is hence a great opportunity for the companies who target multi lingual prospects and have a wider market reach.

  5. Search Engine Rankings
  6. You can improve the search engine rankings of your video uploaded on YouTube by adding a description to it and including a back link of your website, blog etc. This will not only help you gain better ranks on search engines but will also establish your brand identity. Choose effective yet relevant key words to be used in your description.

By now we know the importance of video broadcasting especially for the business entities but the point is how often your video would be displayed as a search result? Out of the billions of videos uploaded, there are absolute chances that your video may get lost in the cloud.

So, guide your visitors to hunt for your video well.

Here are some useful tips that can help you optimize your search results on YouTube:

  1. Find the latest uploaded video
  2. In case you are looking for a fresh video uploaded a day, week or a month before; just type the video’s name, then add a comma and write the tentative time period when the video was uploaded.

    PS: We are more than pleased to use our own examples :-)

    For example:- if you are searching for Vineet Bajpai’s video uploaded say last week on YouTube, type vineet bajpai, last week in the search bar.

    (Vineet Bajpai is the Founder and CEO of Magnon International and Magnon Solutions.)

  3. Search for interviews on YouTube
  4. You can even watch interviews on YouTube by typing the name of the interviewee and the exact interview you want to watch separated by a comma.

    For example: – if you wish to watch Rahul Dravid’s interview, write rahul dravid, interview in the search bar. By doing so, you can instruct YouTube to display all the interview clips of Rahul Dravid.

    PS: Rahul Dravid happens to be my favorite cricketer :-)

  5. View the exact video
  6. To watch a particular video omitting all the duplicates or similar videos, you can take the help of Google in this. Write allintitle:”name of the video”. Have a look at the screen shot below:

    In this screen shot, we have used allintitle:”magnon international” to figure out the original videos of Magnon International posted by Magnon International.

  7. Combine your search
  8. To ensure a more specific search, you can write multiple requests.

    For example: – if you want search results for all the short videos of Vineet Bajpai uploaded last week on YouTube, you can write vineet bajpai, last week, short in the search bar to get the desired result as shown in this screen shot.

From the above mentioned information, we can say that video uploading can be used as very powerful business collateral in the long run. You can incorporate your videos on your blog, website and social networks like Facebook etc.

For more information, please contact us.

-By Neha Gulati

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