WordPress’s MyReviewPlugin is out now!!!

WordPress is a publishing area that allows the publisher to manage and have full control on his posts. This means that the publisher has total control over his weblog. Also, it can be installed on your personal systems and even on the Intranet.

It comes up with a lot of features such as widgets, SEO, tagging, permalink etc.

Though WordPress provides a lot of ease to the publishers but it does not provide any platform for the user contribution.

To counter this problem, WordPress has come up with a new plugin named as MyReviewPlugin.

Now, what is this MyReviewPlugin?

MyReviewPlugin offers the users a number of features viz.:-

  • Star Ratings by the users
    Here, the users not only rate the posts but also rate the products with the help of the ‘star rating form’ provided by the publisher. Also, the users can post their comments in the comments box. The publisher can add or delete different rating sections as per his own will/ convenience.

  • Editor’s Rating
    The publisher can also allow the user to view the editor’s rating. This rating when combined with the user’s rating can add more weight-age to the administrator’s rating. Moreover, the comments or the feedback of the users will act as an icing on the cake.

  • Bayesian Weighting
    The Bayesian weighting is an effective way to arrange all the posts in the correct order. This system basically put all the posts in the order of the number of reviews received and stars attained (star rating). Thus, this system smartly places all your posts in the right order.

  • Adding Comparison Tables
    Comparison tables can be added and configured in the administration area which may include rating categories etc. as defined by the publisher, which means that the publisher has full control over the table’s appearance.

  • Help to the users
    As the user of MyReviewPlugin, you can thumbs up/thumbs down the comments or the reviews as posted by the different users.

  • Custom Information display
    You can display and compare the information like- file size, price etc. in the custom data table. You can also highlight the features of your product by using different checkmarks.

  • Google Maps
    You can incorporate the Google maps in the WordPress administration area in case you are running a local directory or anything with a location-sensitive value. In order to access the control of your display, you can mention the exact column of your database.

  • Full control over the display of the reviews
    In case you wish to have the reviews of your posts on some particular pages or may be on a few posts, MyReviewPlugin can help you to do this.

  • Sidebar widgets
    With this feature, you can display your top rated post or may be the latest post in your sidebar which is compatible with any theme that accepts widgets.

  • Ratings on posts and pages
    You can also insert the ratings on the preferred posts and pages.

  • Three Themes
    This new plugin provides the users three themes which can aid in the effortless website development. Moreover, this plugin is also compatible with all the WordPress themes available.

  • Helps you do the SEO better
    This is the era of semantic web which is highly recognized and rewarded by Google as you can enlist your reviews on Google with the help of hReview and RDFa Review integration. And if you are wondering what this actually means, then do not worry because this plugin helps the users to get the best search rankings followed by more user traffic.

  • Automatic embedding
    MyReviewPlugin can automatically insert any theme by checking the box and can adjust to act as a review site.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the benefits of star ratings to enhance your search results and the user traffic.

-By Neha Gulati

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