With Web Analytics..keep a check on the traffic to your website!

Web Analytics is such a tool that would tell you about the usage of your website from measurement, analysis, reporting, down to the last specifics of optimizing web usage. This tool not only gives you numeric data, but also shows the graphical representation of the same, which helps you understand and improve website traffic to better your online business. Let us find out how:

What brought a visitor to your website?

Web Analytics enables you to trace the source used by your visitors to land up on your website, which might be the referral websites, keywords – organic or PPC, search engines, etc. In case you see that only one keyword amongst the many that you had used for SEO is hit the most and brings traffic to your website, you can make better by doing a search on the keywords that can enable search engines to make your website their landing page.

How fruitful was the visit to your business?

Visitors keep coming and going in your website and Web Analytics track every action of every visitor. With the help of web analytics, you will be able to determine the number of visitors coming to your website, time spent on every page of your website, and also the exiting of the visitor. Here, the exiting of the visitor refers to the exit page. For instance, if you sell sports products through your e-commerce website and the ‘product display’ page is the exit page for your visitors, this will not serve the purpose. Since it is an e-commerce site, its exit page should be the ‘Thank You’ page that comes after all the formalities of purchase is over. So this shows that there is some defect on the page for which the visitors do not move forward. You will be able to amend something only if you are aware of it!

Effectiveness of clicking

The click-path tracking system on Web Analytics helps you to pinpoint the pages as well as the links your visitor clicked the most. When you find this out, you will be able to see the pages and links that were never clicked and wonder why, to resolve it.

Area-wise segmentation of Site visitors

Another good thing about Web Analytics is that you can segmentize your site visitors. Your site can have visitors from any corner of the world and Web Analytics tells you exactly from which location. For example, the language and keywords used in your site are inclined towards the American style and you see that the majority of your site visitors are from UK. All you need to do is make it little adaptable to the UK visitors as well and watch your business expand.

Make it better with time

Web Analytics again allow you to make a comparison of your site’s overall performance with the passage of time. You can look into the previous records and make an analysis on the visits, exits, sources, keywords etc. An un-biased comparison can better your performance level!

Thus we can see that your visitors’ interaction with your website needs to be satisfactory if you want to use your website as a tool for your business expansion. For this, awareness is a must. So, enhance the performance of your site on the internet by making it flawless.

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By: Shabana

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    great post very informative, keep up the good work.

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