Web 3.0- A revolution

When the web was initially introduced, it was called web 1.0 which means it was a very simple, the read-only web. Here, advertisers had to highly depend on the advertising agencies to change or edit the content (if needed).

Then the web 2.0 arrived which is a social web. The web 2.0 brought various features along with it such as Content Management System (CMS), RSS feeds, blogs etc. this means now the advertisers can themselves edit or change any content. Also, they can generate a lot of information on their blogs on everyday basis. It’s all about networking.

But, the web developers are always in search of something new. And thus, the invention of the next generation web i.e. web 3.0 is by far the biggest discovery.

The web 3.0 is basically an extension to the existing Web 2.0. Compared to Web 2.0 which was basically a social networking web, Web 3.0 is semantic web which is considered to be more intelligent web. A semantic web helps the computer to read and use the web. Now, one can read, write and execute the web. The semantic web is all about the meaning of the data.

By intelligent web all I mean is that in the Web 3.0 information/the web content is presented in a language that software can understand. The content is written in specific programming language like OWL etc.

The application design in Web 3.0 is placed in a more systematized manner. Some of the very important traits can be:-

  • Comparatively, the applications are small
  • The data is in the cloud
  • The applications can run on any device like- mobile phones etc.

For example: -
If you type a complex sentence- I want to buy good clothes and watch a soccer match. Ask for the different alternatives. Now, this smarter web will look out for the various options and will present the best results. The more frequent the user will use the web; it understands the profile of its user, analyze the search interests and will present specific result to its user. Hence, the Web 3.0 gives more refined results.

You must be wondering that why this a smarter web? Well, this can really help you to boost your web presence.

  • Precise information
    Web 3.0 has a software that analyze the type of information surfed by you and draws conclusions automatically. This means that Web 3.0 gives more user-specific information.

  • 3D Web
    Web 3.0 use a three dimensional model and transform it into a series of 3D spaces. Personalized avatars are a common feature of the 3D web. So, you as an advertiser can expect more user traffic on your site leading to more frequent clicks.

  • Easy access
    All Web 3.0 applications can run on even on mobile phones. Applications are very fast, giving the users required freedom to roam freely from database to database and from program to program. Hence, it becomes easy for you to reach out to the customers or potential customers with an ease.

Let’s understand some of the basic features of the web 3.0:-

  • Artificially intelligent web
    You can add voice/speech tool to your website so that when a user visits your site, he/she can read the site in your own voice.

  • Personalized data
    You can save your bookmarks and tags on the personal space provided by the browser.

  • Remote control
    You can access your PC from a distant location.

  • Internet radio
    The web 3.0 is equipped with digital sound quality and can play a number of radio stations for its users.

Therefore, Web 3.0 gives an edge to the advertisers by providing a personalized experience to all its users.

- By Neha Gulati

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