What are Single A, AA and AAA conformances? WCA Guidelines Simplified!

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) helps the Web Content Developers and the Authoring Tools Developers to make the Web Content more accessible to a wide range of people.

As different devices are used for accessing Web Content (e.g. computer browsers, voice browsers, mobile devices etc.), surroundings and Operating System also differ from user to user, therefore it becomes an additional responsibility of the Web Content Developers to make the Web Content accessible to more and more people with varied usage styles.

The WCA Guidelines address the two major themes:

1. Ensuring the Graceful Transformation

The Guidelines under this section dictate the Content Developers to create pages which can transform gracefully. Graceful Transformation refers to the fact that the Web Page is accessible despite of the constraints as described above. The constraints like physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities, technological constraints and working constraints should have no effect on the accessibility of the information that the Web page is delivering.

2. Making the Web Content Understandable and Navigable

The contextual information provided by the Web pages is often not gathered completely by the Web Users because of their style of accessing the Web Content. The Users, if using the speech synthesis or Braille devices might be able to access only one word at a time. Also if they have a small sized screen display then they would be able to view only a small portion of the Web page at a time.


The priority levels of WCAG are as follows:

• Priority 1: For all users to access the Web content and for Web developers to attain Conformance level “A”, these requirements must be satisfied.

Priority 2: These requirements should be satisfied by the Web developers so that no group finds it difficult to access the Web content and so as to attain Conformance level “AA”.

Priority 3: These requirements may be satisfied by the Web developers to facilitate access to Web content for some groups and attain Conformance level “AAA”.

By:- Ankit Varma

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