On what parameters do you choose a value sourcing firm?

Due to the advent of the internet there has been a sudden boom in the demand of value sourcing firms, better known as outsourcing firms earlier. Outsourcing essentially means handing over the entire or a part of your business function to an external body. This enables the company to concentrate on other important areas of their business.

Outsourcing may be of any kind varying from web design and development to data entry to medical billing etc.

The rise in the demand of outsourcing has also led to the increase in the number of outsourcing companies. If you are planning to hire a value sourcing firm for yourself, the first question that may tickle your mind is- which one to go for? Are there any guidelines that we can follow?

Well, we may assist you in this… We have previously given you a checklist about how to evaluate the SEO/SEM consultants, today we shall discuss about the different evaluating parameters to choose a value sourcing firm.

Here are some of the evaluating parameters that can help you select any type of a service provider:-

  1. Credibility
    Often we tend to get puzzled when we have a list of service providers that claim to offer the best service. In such a situation making a wise decision and choosing a credible service provider may become a difficult task.

    It is therefore essential to enquire about the experience of your service provider, the number of active clients your outsourcing firm has, strength of the professionals working there and the USP of that company to begin with.

  2. Security
    No matter how small or large your company is, it is difficult to share your confidential information with a third party.

    Investigate on how your value sourcing firm deals with the most confidential details of a client, the employee hiring procedure they adopt, different stages through which a project goes through, how it is handled etc.

  3. Access
    The ease with which you can reach out your service provider, how well the consultants address your time-to-time requirements, the frequency of updates they provide to their clients and the availability of the consultants especially in times of urgency- are some of the core issues that may enable you to  make a wise decision.
  4. Communication
    The swiftness or promptness of the first person you interact with in the company should give a good idea of how prompt and swift the communication would be with the rest. That gives you a good idea of their culture.
  5. Understanding the customer
    Letting your service provide understand your requirements, needs and be familiar with your thought process… For the purpose it is essential to spend time on emails, chats, or calls to explain yourself better, and also understand the service provide a little better.
  6. Reliability
    In order to choose a reliable service provider, it is necessary to have a fair idea about the company’s reputation. Read the testimonials, analyze its activities on different social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.; investigate on the number of repeat customers the company has, take a look at its client portfolio etc. – all these can aid you to understand how reliable your service provider is.
  7. Responsiveness
    The way your service provider answers to any query generated, how well the consultants comprehend and evaluate your problems, availability of the consultants to cater to the clients’ requirements and the quality of work assured, are some of the points that you can ponder upon.
  8. Competence
    On what ground your service provider distinguish itself from its counterparts, check whether the company is accustomed to work on the latest technologies and ensure that the agency is equipped with the latest software and methodologies prevalent in the market.
  9. Courtesy
    The way your consultant or the project manager address you, tackle your problems, scrutinize the issue/s and come up with an affordable yet the best solution- are some of the most basic courtesies that any outsourcing firm must adopt.

Hope the abovementioned checklist has given you enough food for thought that can enable you to choose the best value sourcing firm for yourself.
Have any queries? Please let us know if we can provide you any assistance.

-By Neha Gulati

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