UI – The Key of Successful Online Campaign

The face – The Interaction – The Engagement – It’s all about UI.
OK. So you have an ecommerce website, up and running, no bugs, working seamlessly on the desktop and the mobile, amazing products, at absolutely mind blowing prices – and yet no one is buying! Does that sound worrying?

I am sure it does – more so, since Google understands the “stickiness” of a site – or also called the “bounce rate.”

So, lets understand this a little in perspective.

Google always acts as a watchdog, monitors every Click / Page view / Activity / Call To Action – basically keeps a track on user behavior. Based on this, Google tends to give a preference to sites that are able to “retain” users for longer duration, as compared to others in a similar environment.

In essence, it has become pivotal to continuously enhance your web interface, to increase engagement, by focusing on their interactions with the face of your website. An easy to understand design, a smooth interface, engaging content plays an important role in increasing the ‘Average Session Time’ of a user, which subsequently reduces the bounce rate of the site.

Some basics to keep in mind:
• The design of the site should convey the essence of the company,
• Keep it simple, and clear for users to know what to do and where to do it,
• Reduce the clutter on the site – don’t confuse the user – they don’t have the time for it,
• Put related things together,
• Ensure its convenient for users to take action on the site, e.g. pay now, subscribe, submit a form are not complicated procedures.

SEO is not just about ‘Off-Page’ and ‘On-Page’ activities, a good SEO strategy also places great importance to the UI of the website. Thus, a good user interface could potentially become a differentiator between success and failure.

As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.” – Jef Raskin, Interface expert at Apple Inc

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