Top social media trends in 2010…

The advent of social media has brought infinite number of avenues for the businesses to build more contacts in order to boost up their sales and create more brand awareness. In simple words this means that the business entrepreneurs applied this formula-

More links + More testimonials received + More fan following = Increased sales + Enhanced user traffic

On the contrary, in the year 2010 it is predicted that social media would become more beneficial to the businesses. Now, it is the time when the businesses will have to keep a tab on all their links and keep their company profile updated on a regular basis. This implies that the more popular you are amongst all your fans, the better would be your search engine ranking.

Also, now this is the time when better and interesting content is appreciated more and promoting that very content amid all the people in your social network is the need of the hour.

Social media has a huge influence on the women as well. It is observed that about one-half of female Internet users had purchased the products based on the social networking sites and the blog posts.

The curiosity amongst the women to know or learn something different on the social media has increased as compared to the year 2008.

Since, the female audience is the most widespread and one of the most influential target audiences, it becomes very important for the businesses or the marketers to form marketing strategies that effectively reaches out to the female public of all ages.

According to the statistics collected, it is assumed that in the year 2010, social media will gain more popularity with approximately 56.3% of the population opting for this medium, 35.5% opting for the rich media display with around 49.7% of the people concentrating on keyword search.

Also, it is expected that around 90% of the businesses would switch from being busy with social media to being effective.

The use of smart-phones like BlackBerries and iPhones would further boost up your sales as more-n-more consumers would be active on their social networking profiles.

Hence, it is the time to pay more attention to all your social networks so as to gain more leads…

-By Neha Gulati

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