Important tips to manage the social media profiles…

Social media marketing is a growing trend nowadays. Hence, not only individuals but the companies also manage their social media profiles to keep in touch with their clients as well as their fans. It is important for the web marketers to be on their toes to manage all their social networks and therefore to design an effective social media marketing plan.

In this post, we would be discussing the important tips to overcome the common errors and chalk out a successful social media marketing plan.

  • Social media objective

    You should be clear what your marketing objectives are and include social media marketing as a part of your overall business marketing. For example:- you want to establish the brand identity of your company, you want to drive visitors to your website, you want to gather more positive comments on your blog, you want to do the viral marketing etc.

  • Background and logos

    Customize your social networks. Change the background, add logos, graphics etc. to promote your company and its products and services. Use all the social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. to advertise more about your products/services.

  • Personal touch wins accolades

    Include the names of the respondents while writing a response against their comments or feedback. Avoid using the auto plugins to send your responses to everyone in your connection in just one go.  It is always better to write individual messages to everyone so as to add a personal touch.

  • Carefully update your status

    Post everything keeping in mind the interests of your target audience. For example: – write about the products/services you offer or any new development related to your industry that you think might interest your prospects.

  • Frequent updates

    Try and post the updates on a daily basis. Updating your social networks monthly or weekly may not be able to keep the interests of your fans or clients intact. Give some food for thought to your followers every day.

  • Spell check

    Since you represent your company through the social networks, it is important that you keep a tab on your spellings. We all know that the social network is an informal platform to reach out to your prospects, but it speaks about your company and its products/services. Therefore, it is important to check even the minutest detail.

Apart from all these points, there are some very obvious points which we thought to add in our list:

  • Spams

    Avoid re-posting the same update again-and-again in a single day. This may violate the terms and conditions and can be considered as spam.  Also, update your fans/followers keeping their interests in mind. Overloading with unrelated automated messages must always be avoided.

  • Brand recall

    Maintain consistency while projecting your company, idea, product/service through your social networks. The graphics, pictures, logos, background, content etc. used in your social network profiles should solely speak about what your company is, what you do etc. This acts as a brand recall factor.

  • Profile completion

    When you decide to make your company’s account on any social network like Facebook, LinkedIn etc., ensure that you complete your profile. Mention about the products/services you offer, about your company, your expertise in the field etc.

  • Posting and deleting

    Once you post anything on your social network profile, do not delete it. Posting and deleting your posts over and again can affect your search engine ranking as every time you post anything, it gets noticed by the search engines.

  • Connecting with people

    It is observed that several individuals and companies have many fake/ghost ids on several social networks. Therefore, it is always advisable to connect with those prospects that can benefit you or your company and can do viral marketing for you.

In order to scrutinize an effective social media marketing strategy, we often tend to ignore some of the common things that can do wonders for the smooth functioning of your business.  Hope the above mentioned list can help to make your social networking better.

-By Neha Gulati

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