Time to think beyond the common SEO techniques

It is observed that till date the Internet marketers incorporate those key words or phrase that is most searched on the web.

This is basically done to improve the website ranking on all the search engines.

But now it is the time when we must include those SEO techniques that are beyond using the most searched key words. This is no way undermining the importance of selecting the right kind of phrases that are most searched for, part of the site content, etc, its just moving on from there to what the next step should perhaps be.

In this article, we would be discussing some of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques or I may say advanced SEO techniques which the marketers can adopt to enhance their search engine visibility.

  • If you have recently altered your website or you are still making some changes in designs etc. of your website then make sure that the archived pages of the site are arranged properly.
  • Creating an XML sitemap helps you to improve your site indexing followed by additional user traffic.
  • Link the old pages to the new ones through the 301 redirects.
  • Use Google’s 404 widget tool to detect the pages that no longer exists. Also, ensure that this search function is confined to ‘your site only’ otherwise Google may move your site visitors away from you.
  • It is noticed that sometimes there are multiple versions of the home page and it becomes difficult to locate the original and the duplicate versions. For this, 301 redirects can be used to point out which version of the site the users can see.
  • Use the Page Rank Sculpting where you can use the ‘no follow’ feature to emphasize on more important pages of your website. By doing so you can increase your site’s page rank.
  • Find out the areas where you can add universal/common search where the users can look out for images, news and videos. This can help you get more traffic on your site.
  • As we know that link building is an important SEO technique and so, you should check that your website does not share link with poorly designed link directories.
  • Get more user traffic by engaging in activities such as writing a PR story or creating a useful widget that can be uploaded by other sites as well.

The aforesaid are some of the SEO techniques for the online marketers, but the crux is that all the efforts are put to entice the target public. These techniques may not appear to be new to you but it is noticed that the marketers tend to forget these minute points and rather focus on getting the appropriate key words only.

-By Neha Gulati

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