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As we all know that Internet is the widely used medium to reach the target public, the web marketers keep inventing innovative ways or tactics to convert a potential customer into a regular customer of the company. Social Influence Marketing is one of the latest methods that online marketers are using to grab more and more customers and also to retain the existing ones, by motivating them time and again to purchase a particular product or service.

Social Influence Marketing basically means targeting the entire community in your social network. It involves using different social platforms to develop healthy relationship between you and your potential audience.

It is noticed that the target public is exposed to the advertising clutter and the consumers are bombarded with numerous advertisements. This is the stage where customers have to decide what brand of a particular product line they should go for. In such cases, word-of-mouth acts like a catalyst to woo these targets.

As a web marketer you may come across various customers who purchase your products and are happy using it. Now, out of all these satisfied customers there may be some customers who are spreading a word of appreciation for your brand, product or service.

You need to identify those few customers and use them as your key influencers to create a buzz for your product or service.

Social Media Influencers also known as the Opinion Leaders are the key people who have great ability to influence the buying habits of your potential targets.

These social media influencers can be the satisfied or unsatisfied customers who prefer to share their experience of using a product or service with their peers, family etc. You need to identify them on the basis of their behavior rather than their demography. This means that these people have an attractive social networking behavior like that of the college students, the teens etc.

It is a common tendency that before purchasing a particular product, we tend to know its reviews. These reviews help us make the decision of buying or not buying that product.

Can the Social Media Influencers really affect your sales?

  • Yes, the social media influencers can really affect your sales. It is because these people have a knack of participating in a number of conversations on various platforms like blogs, various discussion forums, direct mails, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Personal interaction works. Social media influencer act as a marketing person for the company (in disguise) and a well wisher for the general target audience of the company.

Also, the web marketers use several tactics to retain these social media influencers. For example: – discounted rates, coupons, vouchers, free trips etc.

Therefore, to conclude we can say that personal interaction and human touch can really help you boost your sales. Thus, the use of social media influencers as a part of your social influence marketing strategy is the need of the hour.

-By Neha Gulati

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