The Digital Sales Optimization…

No matter what type of business you do, you cannot entirely depend on one particular channel to target the message to your audience.

Hence, it is imperative to use various modes of communication other than your basic one. In this article, we shall be discussing about the various tools that can be used to optimize the digital sales network.

  • Offer special discounts

    Offering special discounts is a great way to lure the customers. Generally, this practice is followed to arouse the interest and curiosity of the buyers towards the products or the services. The voucher codes used during the check out process is a commonly used tool. It’s like giving an incentive to your buyers and to hold your customers for the future. Also, it is noticed that the companies have started using cookies to keep a tab on the display of the voucher code box. A cookie is basically a small amount of information, stored by a web browser on a user’s computer.This helps the companies to track the traffic, the sale of the products etc. And if you feel that at a particular stage, there is a dearth in the user traffic, then you can give the discounts accordingly.

  • The Landing Pages

    The landing page basically evaluates how effective an advertising campaign is depending on the click through rate. In order to optimize the conversion, make sure that the user need not navigate from one page to another to know about your services and other relevant details.The better your website’s conversion rates, the more efficiently you would be able to monetize the traffic that the search engines provide to you.

  • The Payment Models

    In order to avail the full value of your money, you have to closely monitor the payment models that you adopt.

    1. Cost Per Action (CPA)
      The Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Acquisition or the Pay Per Action (PPA) tracking is directly related to your sales. It basically means that when the advertiser gets the desired action for his advertisement like sale of a product/service, submission of a form etc., the advertiser has to pay the search engines for that particular action. To be precise, if your target public reacts to advertisement in a way that you wanted, then only you are required to pay the search engines.
    2. Post Impression (PI) sales tracking
      The Post Impression sales add a long term conversion value to your entire sales process. When the advertisement is shown and the buyer purchases a product or avail a service without clicking your advertisement, then only the PI sale is calculated.This method helps you expose the USP of your product/service to the potential buyers and enhance the user traffic to your website.

Therefore, the above mentioned tools if used correctly can become a very important medium to reach out to the potential audience and can help you optimize your sales distribution network.

-By Neha Gulati

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