The digital ‘experience’ of the consumers…

We would all agree that the consumers are the crux around which the whole process of communication revolves. The emergence of the new media (read as the internet) has simplified the process of reaching out to the end customers. Now, within seconds marketers can reach out to the prospective target public.

  • The marketers generally follow 4 steps:- Awareness-Comprehension-Conviction-Ordering
    First and foremost, the marketers create awareness about their product i.e. with the help of different sources they reach their target audience. For example: – marketers may publicize about their products in many websites using a variety of methods like banner ads, Search Engine Optimization etc.Then a detailed description is provided so as to catch the attention of the target public.Then the next step is to highlight the various USP’s of the product, give assurance that the product comes with the best features and for this they even give some special offers to persuade more and more people to purchase the product.When all these factors are good enough to turn the prospective customer to a consumer, it leads to ordering of the product – essentially a sale.
  • The other basic step followed by the marketers is the use of the Pull and Push Marketing strategies
    Pull marketing strategies such as SEO, Google adwords or PPC campaigns etc. are used. Whereas methods like Viral Marketing, Rich Media, Banner Advertising, Email Marketing etc. are used as push marketing strategies.

It is observed that more than 60% of the consumers purchase the products because of a good digital experience. This is the time when the marketers must think beyond the awareness and conversion aspect and make the digital experience of their customers more interesting, fun filled and yet be able to grab the attention of the target user at the right time and the right place.

Internet is a two way medium and so it can make or break the image of a brand or a product in a short span of time. As the consumers are becoming more tech savvy, they prefer to spend more time surfing about the products online. More than 90% of population is believed to be affected by the online medium.

Also, it is the time of experiential learning. This means that just advertising the brand or the product would not fetch the customers. The whole journey from awareness to ordering should be an exciting experience for the customers.

So, avail the benefits of the online medium and make the digital experience for your target audience as alluring as possible.

-By Neha Gulati

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