Testing the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaign

As we know that PPC ads are meant to provide instant results to the web marketers, but on the contrary we need to shell out some amount of cash for every click that we receive on our PPC ads.

As a web marketer you may not mind spending some extra amount but what would you do if you are unsuccessful in converting your leads? In this case, it is important to test your PPC ad campaign first.

Though a test campaign for PPC is not indifferent from running an actual PPC ad campaign, however in this article we have tried to gather a step wise explanation of how to test your PPC ad campaign.

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Step 1:

Research for the most effective and relevant key words (around 800-1000 key words including broad, exact and phrase based key words) that suits your business and then start your PPC campaign.

Step 2:

  • Now out the available key words, choose a key word with which you want to run your PPC ad campaign.
  • Aim for the key word that can earn you 10/10 quality score.

Step 3:

  • In order to test your PPC ad campaign, create different ad groups in your main campaign.
  • Make at least 2 ad groups wherein you can experiment with 2-3 similar key words.

Step 4:

  • Design an attractive and informative landing page that is inclusive of the key words used in your main ad copy.
  • Put H1 tag on your key word/s.
  • Repeat the key words at least 3 to 5 times in your ad copy as well as on your landing page.
  • In case you are using images in your ad copy, use Alt Tags there.

Step 5:

Add meta tags to your landing page.

Step 6:

  • Make 2 ad copies for the 2 key words selected.
  • Each of these ads must have a separate landing page.

Step 7:

Link your ad copies to the respective landing pages.

Step 8:

Run your PPC campaign for at least 10-15 days, then start analyzing your efforts. Ask the following questions from yourself:-

  • How many clicks I received with a particular key word/phrase?
  • How many impressions I got with every key word used?
  • What is the CTR of my chosen key word/s?
  • What is the average CPC of my campaign?
  • What is my goal conversion rate?
  • What is the bounce rate of my key word/s?
  • Is my landing page properly optimized with regards to the key words used?
  • Am I using an attractive ad copy?


The success of your PPC ad campaign depends on:-

  • High CTR
  • Higher lead conversions
  • Low bids

No matter what type of product/service you have and what kind of ad you run, the success of your PPC campaign depends on your landing page which is directly proportional to your quality score. The effectiveness of your landing page depends on several parameters like key words, ad copy etc.

The aforesaid steps are very generic in nature but often we tend to miss a point or two mentioned here, that can really help us reduce the CPC and increase the CPM of our PPC ad campaign.

A successful PPC ad campaign can also positively affect your SEO campaign. Hence, it is essential to pre test your PPC ad campaign.

Please let us know if we can assist you to enhance your PPC ad campaign and make it more effective.

-By Neha Gulati

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