Is it possible to test a social media campaign?

This article falls last in the series of how to test an online marketing campaign which includes testing a SEO campaign, PPC campaign and a social media campaign but first try and understand what social media exactly means?

Social media is all about interaction, engagement, conversation and networking forming a social cloud. It uses Web 2.0 philosophy which includes blogs, videos, audios, forums, user generated content, social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

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Companies can get in touch with their clients, prospects and other business partners through the social networking websites. Hence it is much easier to create a buzz about a brand, products/services etc. through the social networks.

As it involves a lot of time and efforts, it is imperative to test your social media campaigns. A test campaign helps you improve your overall campaign but the question is- how to go about it?

So, let’s try and comprehend this in detail.

For any kind of a campaign, it is important to answer 4 basic questions viz.:-

  1. What are your products/services?

  2. Who is your target audience?

  3. What is the objective of launching the campaign?

  4. What kind of result are you expecting from this campaign?

Let’s understand this with the help of an example-

Suppose you are located in the USA and have a website that sells ringtones for the mobile phones and you want to launch a social media campaign to create more awareness about your website. On the basis of the above mentioned questions-

Product/service: Mobile phone ringtones
Target audience: People of all age groups across the globe
Objective: Earn word-of-mouth publicity
Result: Establish the brand identity

Now, suppose you are a mobile phone user and you need a ringtone for your phone, what will you do? How would you search for it?

  • Well, it is very obvious that you’ll Google your question first.
  • You may write this question as a status on your Facebook profile.
  • You may surf on music related websites.
  • You may also search for the ringtones on various entertainment websites.
  • You may search on the online classified websites.
  • There are very grim chances of enquiring on different online forums such as Yahoo Answers.

After preparing this rough draft, you know what to do, right? Just use all these platforms to run a pilot social media campaign or to test your social media campaign.

  • Create an account on different classified websites related to music and write about your product. This is known as on-listing.
  • Similarly, you can post about your product on various music and entertainment based websites.
  • You can create a Facebook Fan Page to arouse a buzz about yourself.
  • Create 2-3 applications and integrate it into your Facebook Page. For example: – when a prospect clicks on download a ringtone on your Facebook page, it links to the enquiry form on your website. Or when a prospect clicks on download a ringtone on your Facebook Fan Page, there can be an option which says share this page with at least 3 people in your connection… this is a way of creating brand awareness.
  • Also, you can target a particular key word on social bookmarking websites like- digg, delicious, reddit etc.

Though we know that it is a test campaign, but if in case you are willing to spend some money, you can do a number of activities depending on your target audience, type of product you sell and what your objective is. Like:-

  • You can run parallel media activities.
  • You can do paid listings on classified websites. This means that these classified sites would automatically promote your brand.

There are numerous activities that you can perform to support your social media campaign and analyze its effectiveness from time-to-time. It is advisable to run your social media campaign for one year to know exactly how strong your campaign is. However, ideally run your test marketing campaign for at least 3 months.

We aim to strategize innovative yet effective social media campaigns for our clients, please contact us to know more about this.

-By Neha Gulati

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