Can I run an online campaign to test my SEO strategy?

Well, the answer is an obvious yes. As already mentioned in our last post wherein we tried to give you a fair idea of the importance of online test marketing campaign to enhance your web presence. This article is an effort to provide an in-depth description of how to run a test marketing campaign for improving the SEO of your website.

So let’s try and puzzle you a little here.

We have all this while been saying that SEO is a long term approach, there needs to be a good amount of planning, the execution is to be carefully done, and more importantly it does not work in the short term – meaning if you want to gain returns from an SEO campaign in 3 months, well that’s not something SEO will be able to give. So, where does a test campaign (which is a short term activity) fall in place here?

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To start with, we still stand by all of what we have just written related to online test marketing campaigns. However, our suggestion here is run an initial test marketing campaign, in sync with the long term strategy, but to give us an idea of the user reaction so we can enhance and improve on things from there.

What we mean is perhaps running a 6 month long SEO campaign to test the effectiveness of the phrases, improvements in traffic and then deciding on the rest of the strategy. The results from the first 6 months will surely help us fine tune the rest of the campaign.

In any case, a website usually takes between 2-6 months to start appearing on search results, so why not start with some of the lesser competitive key phrases during this time so we are able to get quicker results, evaluate the kind and volume of traffic we are attracting and the potential we have, turn on the tap.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example:-

Suppose we have to do the SEO of a client’s website that provides packing and moving services in the US. Now for a test marketing campaign, we will suggest at least 20-30 long, mid and short tail key words to begin with.
For example:- Affordable Movers, interstate relocation, Best Local Moving Companies, best long distance moving companies, domestic packers and movers, residential moving companies, Tampa Movers etc.

  • Out of this list, we will choose a set of key words that suits the client’s business and help him achieve his business objectives.
  • Also, we will try and target different regions of the United States.
  • Once the website starts appearing on the search results by typing the region specific as well as long tail key phrases, it becomes easier to target short tail key words.
  • We will aim to bring the short tail key words like- ‘Affordable Movers’ amongst the top ranking key words.
  • We will use Google Analytics to trace the effectiveness of a particular key word used in different pages of the client’s website.

After trying and testing on different key words and several on-page activities, we expect to get a clear idea as what key words we should target, how to maintain the search engine ranking, which key words to eliminate, what on-page and off-page activities to use to support the online presence of the client etc.

Note: - It entirely depends on the kind of business you do, the type of products/services you sell, your TG, your business objectives, your budget etc. We aim to pen down an effective SEO strategy suiting the varied requirements of all our clients.

Please let us know if we can provide any assistance to you.

-By Neha Gulati

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  1. Micky jashua says:


    The pace in the article was so nice and results in thought provocation. thats a good sign of an article. We will aim to bring the short tail key words like- ‘Affordable Movers’ amongst the top ranking key words.Points similar to this might be very effective.

    Thanks for sharing..

    Keep well.

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