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The Digital Sales Optimization…

No matter what type of business you do, you cannot entirely depend on one particular channel to target the message to your audience. Hence, it is imperative to use various modes of communication other than your basic one. In this article, we shall be discussing about the various tools that can be used to optimize [...]

How do I evaluate SEO/SEM consultants?

Every SEO/SEM person says my site is not optimized and that they can work wonders for me. How do I tell one from another? This is obviously a very relevant question you ask. With loads of companies offering (or claiming to offer) guaranteed results, it becomes very difficult to choose the right SEO/SEM consultant. Let [...]

If you want to make your business global, why not benefit from Multi-lingual SEO?

Facts About Internet users – Buyers are three times more likely to purchase something if it is addressed in their own language – Website visitors will remain on a site twice as long if they can read in their native language – 70% of Web Users who can read English prefer buying from sites in [...]

Top 10 Rankings on Search Engines!!Be there!Stay there!

When there are just so many things to do -What are the Top 10 things to do to get on top on Search Engines ? Ok, this is Challenging! We have identified over 250 parameters and have done my best to identify the Top 10. Broadly you need to take care of the On page [...]