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Is a Blog useful for a business or has it lost its sheen? How can one use a Blog for a business effectively?

In one of the Web 2.0 fairs that I visited, a group of young Social Media marketers were chatting outside the venue; about the how Blogs are passé now. It got me tuned in and offered to take them indoors for a cup of coffee – standing outside in the cold was a strain! The [...]

Wondering how to relate your Website or Online Marketing objectives to your larger Business Objectives?

A lot of times we have had clients who come to us and ask this fundamental question. We appreciate their reasoning as it only shows that they really understand the potential of the Internet and how it could impact their business. Trying to very objectively put this point across we tend to map their larger [...]

Getting a Website made or re-designing one… Now need ideas about Online Advertising? Getting the right mix and sequence is important – Here is an easy step by step outline which also has some Free Online Advertising ideas!

The following would be our recommendation to get started (in this sequence) – 1. Optimize your website for Search Engines. This has to be done while the website is being built since it involves laying the right foundation. Basically search engines should be able to clearly ‘read’ through the context of the website and through [...]

What are Single A, AA and AAA conformances? WCA Guidelines Simplified!

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) helps the Web Content Developers and the Authoring Tools Developers to make the Web Content more accessible to a wide range of people. As different devices are used for accessing Web Content (e.g. computer browsers, voice browsers, mobile devices etc.), surroundings and Operating System also differ from user to [...]