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Need for a Social Media Policy

Remember Dominos Pizza’s Christy and Micheal who posted a stomach-turning video of things they did with the toppings? However dumb it may sound now, they certainly were not the first ones to use social media to highlight their doings. Today, a camera and an internet link is all that one needs to post anything online […]

Social Influence Marketing…

As we all know that Internet is the widely used medium to reach the target public, the web marketers keep inventing innovative ways or tactics to convert a potential customer into a regular customer of the company. Social Influence Marketing is one of the latest methods that online marketers are using to grab more and […]

Ecommerce in 2010…

Ever since the evolution, e-commerce industry is growing rapidly as more and more consumers are opting to purchase goods online. The trust and confidence of the customers in e-commerce has shot up to the extent that sales are increasing to around 11% each year. On the flip side, we have also noticed that still there […]

Top social media trends in 2010…

The advent of social media has brought infinite number of avenues for the businesses to build more contacts in order to boost up their sales and create more brand awareness. In simple words this means that the business entrepreneurs applied this formula-