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How do I evaluate SEO/SEM consultants?

Every SEO/SEM person says my site is not optimized and that they can work wonders for me. How do I tell one from another? This is obviously a very relevant question you ask. With loads of companies offering (or claiming to offer) guaranteed results, it becomes very difficult to choose the right SEO/SEM consultant. Let [...]

Time to think beyond the common SEO techniques

It is observed that till date the Internet marketers incorporate those key words or phrase that is most searched on the web. This is basically done to improve the website ranking on all the search engines. But now it is the time when we must include those SEO techniques that are beyond using the most [...]

WordPress’s MyReviewPlugin is out now!!!

WordPress is a publishing area that allows the publisher to manage and have full control on his posts. This means that the publisher has total control over his weblog. Also, it can be installed on your personal systems and even on the Intranet. It comes up with a lot of features such as widgets, SEO, [...]

Getting started with SEO? Choose the right Keywords for your website!

Keywords are words or phrases (group of words) that the web audiences use to search for specific products or services through Search Engines. So the effectiveness of the traffic coming to your website would depend on how relevant are the keywords to your website or the products or services you are selling online.

Is a Blog useful for a business or has it lost its sheen? How can one use a Blog for a business effectively?

In one of the Web 2.0 fairs that I visited, a group of young Social Media marketers were chatting outside the venue; about the how Blogs are passé now. It got me tuned in and offered to take them indoors for a cup of coffee – standing outside in the cold was a strain! The [...]

Marketing in Recession – Turn it into an Opportunity

Beat the Recession – Turn it into an Opportunity. It surely is a Catalyst to ‘Change’ Are you hit by the Recession? I am guessing your answer is yes – So, what are you doing about it? Remember with recession comes innovation – It is the catalyst to change! Low liquidity means scrounging on your [...]

Top 10 Rankings on Search Engines!!Be there!Stay there!

When there are just so many things to do -What are the Top 10 things to do to get on top on Search Engines ? Ok, this is Challenging! We have identified over 250 parameters and have done my best to identify the Top 10. Broadly you need to take care of the On page [...]

Are you only relying on Push Mailers/ Newsletters/ Mailshots/Press Releases to promote your business online…What about trying out an age old, effective Pull Technique ?

At the moment if you are relying on push techniques, whereby you are sending out mass mailer / mailshots / newsletters etc, this obviously is a effective way of getting traffic on your website, but may not be a very customized way and usually has a ‘bulk’ tag attached. However, what is more effective on [...]