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Why Mobile Sites and Mobile SEO is Crucial for your Business?

Why Mobile Matters? Exciting year this is turning out to be. With the explosion of the mobile industry, we are witnessing a shift in the way people use and connect to the internet. I don’t remember the last time I turned on my laptop for Google search or Facebook, my iPhone is more accessible with [...]

Buying and selling property through a mobile website…

We have learned about the advantages of mobile websites for the hospitality industry in our last post; let us now understand how mobile sites can benefit the real estate industry. Property buying and selling used to be a tedious and time consuming affair until the advent of the internet which provides quick information to the [...]

Providing hospitality through a mobile site…

So far we have seen the importance of mobiles websites (or m sites as we like to call them) and how it is becoming an essential for businesses today. To do a quick recap of that, I would like to remind you that the number of people browsing the internet on their mobile phones is [...]