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Significance of colors in website designing…

We all agree that the nature is full of colors and the human eye is accustomed to watching different natural colors ever since the time of birth. Similarly, the sensible use of colors in websites catches the attention of the target public. Every individual has a distinct personality; likewise every website is unique in its [...]

Getting a Website made or re-designing one… Now need ideas about Online Advertising? Getting the right mix and sequence is important – Here is an easy step by step outline which also has some Free Online Advertising ideas!

The following would be our recommendation to get started (in this sequence) – 1. Optimize your website for Search Engines. This has to be done while the website is being built since it involves laying the right foundation. Basically search engines should be able to clearly ‘read’ through the context of the website and through [...]

Getting traffic on the website, but feel the conversions are still too low?

Worried about conversions? We have come up with a slick list of do’s and don’ts, which if complied, can help you overcome this problem to a very large extent. It’s only some careful planning, understanding and implementation that are required in the process.