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What can we learn from digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

All these years we’ve been using words, pictures, gestures, graphics and animations to present ourselves better in front of our clients. A number of mediums of communication like: radio, TV, newspapers, journals, websites, social networking sites- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. help us endorse our products/services more effectively. Have we ever wondered about the lessons that [...]

Wondering how to relate your Website or Online Marketing objectives to your larger Business Objectives?

A lot of times we have had clients who come to us and ask this fundamental question. We appreciate their reasoning as it only shows that they really understand the potential of the Internet and how it could impact their business. Trying to very objectively put this point across we tend to map their larger [...]

Marketing in Recession – Turn it into an Opportunity

Beat the Recession – Turn it into an Opportunity. It surely is a Catalyst to ‘Change’ Are you hit by the Recession? I am guessing your answer is yes – So, what are you doing about it? Remember with recession comes innovation – It is the catalyst to change! Low liquidity means scrounging on your [...]