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How to Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate? If your visitors are not hanging around your website then of course there is a serious loop hole to work on. This loop hole is actually the bounce rate of your website when visitors leave your page either finding design and usability issue or when they find the needed information on [...]

How to stabilize the bounce rate of a website?


Reducing the bounce rate of a website has always been one of the primary concerns of every website owner. Hence, efforts are poured in to stabilize the bounce rate.

How to reduce the bounce rate of my website?

Attracting user traffic is the first step towards lead conversion. And calculating the bounce rate of a website is one of the most important metrics to analyze its effectiveness. So, what is a bounce rate? Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of visitor/s who navigates away from the website. It is a calculation of [...]