Significance of colors in website designing…

We all agree that the nature is full of colors and the human eye is accustomed to watching different natural colors ever since the time of birth. Similarly, the sensible use of colors in websites catches the attention of the target public.

Every individual has a distinct personality; likewise every website is unique in its own way. These websites reflects the identity of a corporate entity or any other company or an organization.

Hence, it is very important to design the company’s website in a way that is not only able to grab the viewers’ attention but is also able to evolve and hold the viewers’ interest and persuade the viewers to at least try the product or service once.

In this whole process, colors play an essential role. Colors are a very powerful weapon.

  • Colors can effectively communicate the message of the sender to the receiver
  • Colors can provoke
  • Colors can tranquilize
  • Colors can antagonize
  • Colors can cheer you
  • Colors have a strong retention power on the viewer’s mind etc.

Ok, so having understood the importance of colors and what they stand for, let’s try and understand the relevance to the online medium.

  • Define the demography and psychology of the target audience and communicate this to the designer.
  • Too many colors on a single page must be avoided, unless it is the need of the hour and is an unavoidable circumstance.
  • The color of the logo and the background color should be balanced.
  • The web designers must also maintain the rhythm and harmony of all the elements of the website.
  • Generally the background should be white and the text should be black in color as it easy to read on a light background.

Moreover, due to the technological advancements, a website designer is now able create millions of color shades (hues) on his/her computer screen.

Every color has something to say. For example:-

  • White color signifies purity, truthfulness etc.
  • Red color signifies passion, energy, confidence etc.
  • Blue color signifies loyalty, wisdom etc.

Take for an instance, colors generally used in the Real Estate websites are brown, green, white and blue.

Here, White denotes the corporate identity.

Green denotes the greenery on the earth.

And since the house/property is over the earth and under the sky, so Brown and Blue colors are respectively used to justify the mood.

For education based websites, generally white and blue colors are used. It is because white is a sign of purity and blue is a very soothing color and it also signifies wisdom.

Very light colors are used in e-commerce websites. The reason for this is that since there are a number of visitors to these sites everyday, so simple and soothing colors are used to relax the mood and the focal length of the visitor’s eyes. This implies that harsh colors that may strain the eyes are normally avoided.

To understand this better, take a look at the screen shots below:

Magnon International

This is a screen shot of our own company’s website. As you can see that there is a tremendous use of red color in our website, this is because the logo contains the red color, so we have used this color in whole website. Also, since the color red signifies passion, confidence, energy and strength; so we have incorporated this color in our website.

Magnon International

This is a screen shot of a website we have done. Since, the company’s logo is orange, so we have used orange and green colors because orange resembles the fruit and green signifies the color of its leaves. The color white and the hue of grey color are used to highlight the corporate identity of the company.

Therefore, we can conclude that colors have a lasting impression on the minds of the people and are one of the most significant elements of website designing.

-By Neha Gulati

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