Should Pinterest interest you?

It is the new boy on the block and has in no time become a darling of the netizens. Managing to create a space for itself amongst the biggies of the domain- Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, Pinterest is currently holding a user base of 10 million active users (and it is still growing). But is that a reason enough to catch the wave and digress a little bit from FB, Twitter brigade? Will it work for your brand? The answer to a lot of queries lies pretty much in the way Pinterest works.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to share images/links they find interesting or inspiring. Think of it as Facebook, for your products. Remember your locker in high school, where you would keep pictures, posters and other items? Now categorize all those things neatly into folders and share them with your friends. The value this sharing brings on board goes higher especially for fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, design and other products with high visual appeal. Pinterest is not simply a visual sharing board for business but also tops its offering with SEO services.


So how can businesses really harness the platform to connect with the audience? From running content, crowd sourcing content to sharing infographics as marketing material, as well as powerful shots of your products from your blog/ website, Pinterest can help you create your own group, which can in turn become a potent marketing force on the platform. Creating pinboards on topics that can engage your customers and get more repins can add a visual dimension to your brand. It helps you move beyond just the logos and taglines to fantastic visualizations which can uniquely find a connect with the audience, without text, context or background.

Should you then choose this over Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms? Each platform has its own set of audience and way of communication. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. exist and flourish within the same set of audience, and are yet different from each other. While Pinterest continues to grow at an astounding rate, one also needs to check the demographics of the Pinners in specific geographies (it does vary from one country to another) to understand how best you can reach your audience. From the frequency of the pins to the quality, everything would need a careful consideration. I have also shared a few tips on how to get started on Pinterest for business.

Happy Pinning!!

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