What kind of SEO techniques do you use?

Are you using the right SEO techniques? Is your website ranking well on Google? If not, what could be the probable reason behind this?

Perhaps your website is not optimized well. It is always recommended to follow the guidelines as laid down by Google so that the search giant can index and rank your website accordingly. Search Engine Optimization techniques are categorized under different colors viz. white and black. However, SEO experts around the globe have also mentioned other colors like: – grey, blue, red, green etc. to distinguish the various practices and SEO techniques.

We shall be discussing about all the techniques under the White Hat and the Black Hat SEO in a series of articles. This article includes the most commonly used White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques:-

Basis of Comparison White Hat Techniques Black Hat Techniques
Meaning White Hat SEO techniques are the rules and practices as suggested by the search engines. Black Hat SEO techniques are the practices of deceiving the users and the search engine spiders to gain higher page ranks.
Common Techniques:-
1. Hidden Text and Hidden Links
Hidden text and links are not a part of White Hat SEO. Both hidden text and links are used in Black Hat SEO. Search engines do not give credibility to the hidden text. For example: – use of white text and background, use of text as a background of an image, hiding the text with the help of CSS and reducing the font size to 0.

Hidden links are crawled by Googlebot and humans cannot read them. For example: – link consisting of hidden text, use of CSS to create small hyperlinks, use of links in small characters, like a hyphen.

2. Unique Content
Adding fresh and keyword rich content is important. Also, it is necessary to include the keywords in the required proportion in the meta description, meta tags etc. Unique content is not used here. Instead similar or same content is used in more than one web page.
3. Cloaking
The text or content that is visible to the users is also made visible to the search engines. Display of different text or URLs to the search engines and the users. For example: – presenting Flash or images to the users and HTML text to the search engines.
4. Keyword used in web content
Relevant keywords are used in proportion to the total number of words in the text. (Ideally it is 2-3% of the total number of words). Use of keywords in excess in a single web page. It also deteriorates the user experience.
5. Backlinks
Earn backlinks for your website. For example: – you can tag your website URL along with the comment you’ve posted. Unrelated links posted on the blogs or forums is not a part of Google guidelines.
Impact/Effect White Hat techniques involve more time and effort to improve a website’s ranking but it is very beneficial in the long-run. Black Hat techniques can instantly improve the page rank of a website may not attract the users. Search engines can ban such sites once detected.

These were some of the most basic SEO techniques used. We would be doing a detailed analysis of the positive and negative White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques.

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-By Neha Gulati

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