Responsive Web Designing

Technology is ever evolving. It wasn’t long ago that the mobile had revolutionized the entire market. In a span of a few years, we have netbooks and touch screen tablets, apart from desktops, laptops and mobile. And while we were busy creating websites for audience owing these devices, Ethan Marcotte coined the term “Responsive web design which looks at fluid grids, fluid designs and media queries to create websites which adjust to screen size and resolution it is viewed on.

Responsive Web Designing

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While it is largely agreed that having a mobile website should not be compromised for Responsive Web Design, the latter has its own set of benefits, which is why perhaps that even Google is recommending it. The advantages of responsive web design are purely those of single vs multiple websites. The advantages of Responsive Web Designing are simply those of single site vs. multiple sites:

  1. Accessibility : Your audience can access the website through any device of their choice. While the same website will respond to screen size as well as screen resolution, the audience will have the same brand experience throughout.
  2. Better web strategy: With just one site to manage, your strategy for your online presence will be one consolidated plan which will be easier to put into effect. Needless to say that tracking the progress will consequentially be efficient as well, apart from reducing the maintenance hassles.
  3. Better SEO : This is another important factor to opt for responsive web design. Separate websites rob off the SEO juices a single website can get, since the total number of visitors gets divided into different websites created for different browsers. Responsive web design allows us to have a single website which handles the entire traffic and hence better SEO.

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