Providing hospitality through a mobile site…

So far we have seen the importance of mobiles websites (or m sites as we like to call them) and how it is becoming an essential for businesses today. To do a quick recap of that, I would like to remind you that the number of people browsing the internet on their mobile phones is increasing very fast so much so that it is predicted that the mobile web browsing would outshine the web surfing on the PCs within 5 years from now.

Till the end of 2009, around 530 million users used their mobile phones to surf the internet. Also, there were more than 450 million mobile internet users globally.

So how does all of this affect me?

We will start with focusing on the hospitality sector (we will also cover other business sectors too subsequently).

The hospitality sector is regarded as a billion dollar industry, basically consists of restaurants, hotels, food and beverage, entertainment and recreation, travel and tour industry etc.

In today’s fast paced economy when everybody is on the move, it is important for web marketers to provide relevant and quick information to their audience as the users may not necessarily be in front of a computer to book a ticket/room/table/meal.

Hence, the development of mobile websites is inevitable. The following points explain the advantages of developing mobile websites to plan your hospitality e-business strategies:-

  • Quick browsing

    Mobile websites involves speedy navigation. Flipping from one web page to another is very fast. Also, these websites are light and easier to download, giving a quicker web browsing experience to the visitors.

  • Quick information access

    Only relevant and important information is given on the mobile websites. Hence, you need not wait for a long time to get the desired information.

  • Quick searching

    Information provided on mobile websites can prove to be handy when you are on the move and do not have time to book a ticket, reserve a table etc. In this case, you can easily search for a related website and get your reservation done.

  • Quick results

    As soon as you book/reserve a room, ticket, table etc. you can expect an instant confirmation of your reservation through SMS or via e-mail.

Hope the above mentioned points help you plan an effective mobile marketing strategy for your hospitality e-business, mobile website for restaurants, mobile website for hotels etc.

As we know that mobile marketing is the emerging trend, it is predicted that, till 2017, there will be around 150 million mobile websites, which means that a new platform for the businesses to promote more about their services and create a brand identity.

Interested in getting mobile version of your website? Please let us know if we can provide any assistance to you.

-By Neha Gulati

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2 Responses to “Providing hospitality through a mobile site…”

  1. Mobile phones are really the best handheld devices through which you can reach to million of online users. These days, many mobile users take the help of their cell phones for surfing the internet.

  2. hi,
    its a nice post !
    browsing the internet on mobile phones is really increasing very fast in this days.Details about hospitality e-business strategies is amazing.

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