Do not allow your efforts go waste…prevent your content from plagiarism!

You spend hours to compose and write an article, and few moments after you publish it, you see your article appear on other sites but with someone else’s name at the bottom. What could be more surprising and annoying for you than this?

If you are someone who would want to prevent your content from being copied, here are a few guidelines that you can try out:

Register your articles on the copyright sites:

In order to prevent your article from getting stolen, you can lock it up and claim it to be your own property. Just after you finish up writing your article, register yourself with the copyright sites like My Free Copyright , etc. Once you have an account on such sites, it would be possible for you to register your article and keep a record of the time of uploading it which would prove its authenticity and originality. On the contrary, you can attain the ‘Registered & protected’ badge that can be displayed on your article page.

Submit your articles to top directories:

Submitting your article to the top directories could serve 3 purposes. Your article will be known to the public easily; your website gets traffic every time a reader clicks on the link of those directories, and prevent the thief to copy your article to post it to other directories.

Google alerts could help:

Google alerts would very well help you out become aware of the potential thievery. These alerts send you mails informing you of any visibility about your articles on the web.

Check the theft for yourself:

With the internet coming into existence, an increase in the number of scraper sites is in vogue. These scraper sites copy content from other websites using software techniques to extract information from websites. All you need to do is write the name of your blog or the URL on the search bar of the scraper sites and wait for results. These sites search for duplicate content in the web and display all results highlighting the copied paragraph or lines. There are a few sites that even track users who copy content from your website.

The fact is that, you can very easily prevent your content from thievery if you keep yourself alert at all times. The content that you create after the entire research and hard work, need not go waste but appreciated and invite leads for your business. For this, you need to make sure that your content have the copyrights and not stolen in any case.

So why not follow these few tips above and let us know if you have anything more in store.

By: Shabana

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