How to improve the effectiveness of your call to action?

Call to action is essentially a clickable button which is used to entice the visitors to take immediate action like: ‘Quick Connect’, ‘Contact Us’ etc. Since these buttons urge the visitors to take some kind of an action, it is essential to integrate them on our website. To understand the importance of call to action buttons, you [...]

What can we learn from digital marketing?

All these years we’ve been using words, pictures, gestures, graphics and animations to present ourselves better in front of our clients. A number of mediums of communication like: radio, TV, newspapers, journals, websites, social networking sites- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. help us endorse our products/services more effectively. Have we ever wondered about the lessons that [...]

SEO Misnomers – you thought this was always accepted!

We have discussed several things in the past; including good and bad SEO practices. However, there are several things that are usually accepted techniques as part of the “white hat SEO” but, these are major misnomers. We thought to bring these out more evidently, and prevent you from hampering the search engine rankings of your [...]

Checklist for a better Search Engine Optimization of your website

We have discussed about the basic SEO techniques in our last post (, in this article we’ll provide a checklist of various SEO techniques that directly or indirectly affect the search engine rankings of a website:- Keywords: 1. Title tag Use the primary keyword of the page as the title tag. Benefit: It is the [...]

Reasons for having a mobile friendly website

We have already discussed about the importance of designing a mobile friendly website in a couple of articles, this post includes latest statistics to give a proof of the concept:- 1. Customers have an inclination towards the mobile web surfing Number of mobile web users It is estimated that the mobile web users would surpass [...]

What kind of SEO techniques do you use?

Are you using the right SEO techniques? Is your website ranking well on Google? If not, what could be the probable reason behind this? Perhaps your website is not optimized well. It is always recommended to follow the guidelines as laid down by Google so that the search giant can index and rank your website [...]

SWOT analysis of the web presence of a brand from customers’ point-of-view

Marketers spend a lot of time and effort in doing the SWOT analysis of their marketing strategy, products/services and their brand as a whole. (To understand the meaning and importance of SWOT analysis, please refer one of our previous posts- They all think what their customers think and perceive about them. However, customer thought [...]

What is the importance of a consumer purchase funnel in the online domain?

A consumer is bombarded with a number of advertisements in a single day and with thousands of brands claiming that they are the best, it often becomes a little difficult for the customers to make a wise buying decision. But thanks to the online medium that provides the consumers an opportunity to do price comparisons, [...]

Influence of customer advocacy in online marketing

Have you ever revamped your products/services to suit your customers’ preference? Did you re-design your home page to catch the eye of your visitors? Do you search for innovative ways to communicate with your customers? If yes, then it will be important to understand why you do so? Well, the answer is very simple. It [...]

SEO or PPC- Which one to go for?

In the current scenario of cut-throat competition, it is essential to overshadow your competitors, to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends and stay on the top of all search results. Hence, you need to pay a lot of attention while drafting the search engine marketing plan of your website. A number of website owners [...]