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Moving towards Web 3.0

I was hosting a dinner party the other day and was surfing through various online recipe sites for vegetarian delectables, perfect for a pleasant February evening and serves Indian tastes. Too many parameters even for the most intelligent search engine? Well, after several tedious attempts, I did manage my way through the deluge of information […]

Before revamping a website

It is your first platform in the online space, your first interface with your consumers and one of your most potent marketing tools. So what happens when your website fails to establish the connect and communicate your message? It limps your growth story, damages your brand and repulses your consumer. It isn’t deadly and beyond […]

Responsive Web Designing

Technology is ever evolving. It wasn’t long ago that the mobile had revolutionized the entire market. In a span of a few years, we have netbooks and touch screen tablets, apart from desktops, laptops and mobile. And while we were busy creating websites for audience owing these devices, Ethan Marcotte coined the term “Responsive web […]

The Big Bing Theory !!

Microsoft has recently introduced a revamped version of Bing. This hasn’t really caught on a trend yet, but going by its fresh approach and bold marketing campaign “” Microsoft is certainly trying pull Bing out of the image it had for the past so many years. This new version is perhaps the biggest revamp since […]

Adapting to Penguin Panda Rollout

Just when you thought that your SEO rankings were seeing the light of the day, Google announced its two new updates – Penguin and Panda. Panda update is just a revision of the last one. The penguin update can still whack hard. Future “Penguin update” will perhaps give more jolts in the coming months. Frankly, […]

Need for a Social Media Policy

Remember Dominos Pizza’s Christy and Micheal who posted a stomach-turning video of things they did with the toppings? However dumb it may sound now, they certainly were not the first ones to use social media to highlight their doings. Today, a camera and an internet link is all that one needs to post anything online […]

Should Pinterest interest you?

It is the new boy on the block and has in no time become a darling of the netizens. Managing to create a space for itself amongst the biggies of the domain- Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, Pinterest is currently holding a user base of 10 million active users (and it is still growing). But is […]

Mobile Site vs Mobile App

For most of us, it is a dilemma – to opt for a mobile website or a mobile application? As a service provider, one would want a superior brand experience for the customer and a better brand interaction. But then the question haunts us “is this really necessary?” Your mobile strategy is a critical business […]

Is Facebook advertising still worth it?

When I read that General Motors, the US automobile giant, was pulling out of Facebook advertising, I wasn’t sure the kind of drift this event would set. GM was quoted saying that the FB advertising was not really working for it. Would organizations, marketing heads and brand managers re-look at their budget allocations shelled out […]

Who should use Magento websites?

Everyone is talking about how e-commerce has transformed the way we run our businesses. The present day buyer can purchase a product from home, office, or probably from anyplace in the world, as long as he/she is connected to the Internet. This has caused an explosion in the number of e-commerce websites, each offering something […]