Ways of doing online Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Marketers have been spending huge sums of money on advertising, publicity and promotion of their businesses but nothing can challenge the effectiveness of the word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing has been prevalent since ages- from town criers, to storytellers, to street plays, to product reviews, to social networks, to blogs; mouth publicity plays a major role in building the reputation of any individual/company.

This has further extended to the online domain, where the growing usage of the Internet has brought up several changes in the nature of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM). Often referred to as buzz marketing, viral marketing or guerrilla marketing; mouth publicity can help the companies to better position their brands.

Word-of-mouth marketing can influence the consumers’ buying decision. All of us are influenced by the word-of-mouth in one way or the other. Just try and recall the time when you asked for an advice or opinion from your friends and peers before purchasing a relatively expensive commodity. Or the last time you did online research to finalize your service provider or to purchase a product. All these are the outcomes of word-of-mouth marketing.

So, let’s go a step ahead and explore what modes of digital word of mouth marketing are available to us.

  1. Share with a Friend
  2. Social networking websites provide us a great platform to connect with our family and friends located anywhere across the globe. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. have now become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Happy, sad or confused- our status can spread the word within our network. We can also say that these websites have become our identity, so it important to make a good use of this medium.

    Think creative and innovative, use your social networks to spread a positive word around about your products/services. There can be numerous ways with which you can do word-of-mouth marketing depending on the kind of products/services you sell and the methods you adopt.

    For example: – on purchase of every product from your website, give an option to your customers to share that with their connections on the social networking websites.

  3. Reviews & Testimonials
  4. Whether going to watch a movie, or about to purchase a car, or in the process of hiring a web consultant, or going out to dine at a restaurant etc., we all tend to go through the testimonials, reviews and ratings prior to making our purchase. If a positive review can bring in more business, then a negative review may turn your sales graph down.

    This is the power of asking for a review or a testimonial from a customer to whom goods purchased from your website were recently delivered. This way, the customer would give you a review, and capturing that to share with others would be a good referral mechanism to build trust on your company.

    Also, these testimonials can be used as effective marketing collateral for your website, brochure, newsletters etc. The more your prospects are exposed to it, the better are the chances to drive in more traffic.

  5. Fan Page
  6. Creating a Facebook fan page is a good way to connect with your clients, prospects and business partners. A number of activities can be done on Facebook that can aid you in doing your word-of-mouth marketing like- status updates on Facebook, adding photos and videos to catch the eye of the target group, creating events and inviting your fans to attend, interactive activities such as- games, online contests etc. to engage your fans and the like, are some of the modes to do viral marketing through Facebook.

The online medium provides ample of opportunities to the web marketers to do buzz marketing, the above mentioned are just a few out of the several methods available for word-of-mouth marketing. Let our web experts offer you a customized plan for your word-of-mouth marketing.

-By Neha Gulati

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