Test your online marketing campaign first…

Marketers have been doing test campaigns for their off line marketing activities for ages now, but on the web, we have all been planning on long term strategies right from day one. But for some reason, we have never really understood why we don’t do a test marketing campaign for our web presence.

Understanding the need of running the online test campaigns, we would publish a series of articles that may help the marketers analyze their marketing efforts initially. In this article you’ll find a glimpse of the importance of the most preferred marketing activities done on the web.

1. Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is done to ensure a better position of the website on different search engines. The following is a list of the activities to test whether your SEO techniques are fruitful to your business or not?

  • Choose a mix of long and short tail key words. This is like a rough sketch of the key words. Since, the long tail key phrases rank easily, it is essential to include them in your initial list. Once the chosen long tail key phrases start ranking on the search engines, you can then shorten your key phrases accordingly.
  • Don’t go only for long tail key phrases. At the end you need to target the short tail key words only.
  • For selecting your key words, you need to understand your business well, search volume of the key words, amount of competition you have etc.
  • Out of the available list, now gather the final list of key words for your business.

As we know that SEO is a long term effort, so you need to patiently wait for say 2-3 months to enjoy the return out of your earnest efforts. However, the time span may vary from one business to another.

2. Pay Per Click campaigns:

To measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaign, it is advisable to run a test campaign first. With the help of Google AdWords, select a list of key words according to your budget. Always remember to keep your average CPC low while choosing the key words for your test campaign.

Now, start an aggressive PPC campaign for at least 2-3 months to analyze the success of your main campaign. However, it is imperative to keep a track on your key words on a regular basis. For example:- which key words can drive in more sales, which key words are ineffective, what is your goal conversion rate, is it beneficial to purchase an expensive key word, can a highly competitive key word be advantageous to your PPC campaign etc.

Suppose you have selected ‘web design‘ as your key word which not only has a high search volume but also has a high competition. What will you do now? In this case, try and make a key phrase out of your key word like: – web design USA.

Apart from this, you can also conduct a small survey to select your key words. Give a situation to your friends and acquaintances and know their point of view. For instance: – if you are looking for a web design company what keywords would you type on your search bar?

After monitoring your PPC ad campaign for a couple of months, you can then use the most powerful key words for your main campaign.

3. Social Media Optimization:

For running an online test marketing for the social media choose a sample of people out of your larger target group. Though it is difficult to keep a tab on your social networks and analyze its results in a short period of time, locate your sample audience on various social networking platforms. This can be done on the basis of:-

  • Demography
  • Age group
  • Language spoken
  • Lifestyle
  • Internet surfing habit
  • Time zone difference
  • Preferred social network of your TG
  • Profession of your target group
  • Their income bracket etc.

Once you have figured out your sample audience, now do all the activities to create a buzz about your brand. Discussions, chats, questions-answers, quizzes, games, video sharing, webinars, etc. apply all possible means to involve and engage your audience.

From the above mentioned points we conclude that test marketing campaign helps you do the SWOT analysis of your web presence better and provide a direction to you to work upon your weaker areas to ensure a dynamic online presence.

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-By Neha Gulati

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3 Responses to “Test your online marketing campaign first…”

  1. Alasdair says:

    Some good basic 101′s of online marketing.
    SEO ROI should be increased to 4-6 months minimum in my experience. remember that the % of websites doing SEO had more than doubled over the last 2 years and as a result requiring more work & time to stand out from the crowd.

    I would add that a fundamental test of marketing strategy needs to be the review of, that all the activities are working together to create the same image and perception of your company and that that matches the product/ service your company offers.

    This is crucial in conversion factors and getting the best ROI for your marketing efforts.

    psychology plays a strong role here and is an area a lot of companies get wrong

  2. Hi Neha,

    Great blog post Neha! Testing online marketing campaigns is not something most off line-to-online business owners and entrepreneurs think about or are aware of, so it’s great that you bring it to light.

    As a professional, ethical and responsible marketer (both online & off line) — I always advise my clients to conservatively test any new marketing campaign whether online or off line before they bet “the farm” on it. As you’ve so adequately outlined, there are many metrics you can use to test your campaign. And depending on the type of business what you choose to test will vary.

    My personal business philosophy: Test, Monitor, Measure, Systematize & Manage. In my personal experience going through the process minimizes your chances of having a bust and heightens your chances of having a winning marketing campaign.

    ~ Charles Muamba ~

    • admin says:

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Online test marketing campaign is certainly an important factor to measure your marketing efforts. Your inputs have added more value to the post.

      Best Regards,

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