Use abandoned shopping carts to improve your online sales…!

Increase your online sales from an abandoned shopping cart – sounds like a wish come true, right?

In this article, we will ponder on the reasons why often prospects add products to their online shopping cart, but do not go through with the complete purchase, and also gather ideas of we can use this data to our advantage and increase the online sales figures.

What does shopping cart abandonment mean?

Shopping cart abandonment is essentially the process when a visitor logs on to your website, adds on a few items to his online shopping cart and exits before making the final purchase.

Some reasons and solutions:

The reasons for shopping cart abandonment can be many, some more prominent ones are mentioned below:-

1. A complicated checkout process :

A complicated checkout process is one of the major causes for shopping cart abandonment. Your visitors will not be comfortable if too much information (personal or banking) is asked for, the check out process is slow or elaborate. Ideal case scenario is to allow the user to go through the entire shopping process and then ask for any extra information needed for registration, etc.


Quite obvious, the solution is to simplify the checkout process. Number each and every step of your checkout process so that it is convenient for the buyer/s to refer back to the previous step, to know how many steps are remaining etc.

2. Hidden costs:

A user would abandon the shopping just before checkout on noticing several additional charges that he/she may not have been prepared for.


In case there any additional costs to the price of the product that the customer will have to pay, it is crucial to mention them upfront, rather than adding them on to the final price just before checkout.

3. Snags and technical faults

The site should be robust, and the server should be able to handle the traffic coming to the site at all points on time. This is an important factor to ensure that the site does not crash during high traffic times, and the user has a trouble free shopping experience.


Keep monitoring your website at regular intervals and as far as possible send confirmation messages to the users on their mobile phones or e-mail ids in case of a transaction failure or a product purchased.

4. Price Differences

Although we understand that prices, shipping costs, and all other costs levied on the customer are specific and exclusive to your particular business, however, the price difference compared to a competitor may lead to an ecommerce shopping cart being abandoned.


It is advisable to keep a tab on the prices offered by the competitors so that you can set the prices of your product/s accordingly (without compromising with your business objectives). Also, your shipping charges should be clearly mentioned on the website.

5. Non-editable review order page

Any customer would like to review their order before making the final purchase. The entire shopping is consolidated and the total amount to be paid by the customer is shown on the ‘review your order’ page. It is always beneficial to have this page editable so the user can edit the items on their cart.


Allow your buyers to alter the quantity of the items selected on their shopping cart. There can be a range of products in a particular product line available in different colors, shapes and sizes; hence it is imperative for the e-commerce site owners to let their buyers change the quantity, color, size etc. of the products selected. A ready-made solution is to allow your visitors to amend their shopping cart list at each and every point during the checkout process.

6. Stock available

Suppose your prospective client has spent a lot of his quality time in the checkout process and at the end he comes to know that the item he wants to purchase is out of stock, your prospect may not return to your site again.


Inform your prospects if the item selected by them is out of stock. Display a message like: – ‘product out of stock’ and notify them that the delivery of the product/s would be within a specified number of days.

In addition to the above, the following are the essential points to track the abandonment of the shopping cart:-

  1. Set your goal conversion target in your Google Analytics.
  2. You can track the exact point where the shopping cart was abandoned. For example: – a visitor follows this path: home-product category-product selection-fill the quantity required-add to the cart-abandons the shopping cart.
  3. Once you have detailed report of your abandoned online shopping cart, you can then do in-depth analysis and do the necessary modifications.
  4. It is also advisable to seek the essential details of your visitor/s like: e-mail address before giving the shipping cost to them. Even if your visitor/s abandons the shopping cart, you can still get in touch with them later on.

Hence, you can even use an abandoned e shopping cart to enhance your company sales. Hope the above mentioned information is beneficial to you… Please let us know if we can provide any assistance…

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3 Responses to “Use abandoned shopping carts to improve your online sales…!”

  1. Ash says:

    Hi Neha,

    This post is really well compiled; all the solutions here mentioned are The Facts which can give a successful ecommerce site. But, I would like to add some more things, which will enhance this article (I am very sure).
    Solution mentioned above are good, but how to achieve those?
    Can anyone tick all these points? or some advance technology is required?
    Is it possible for the all E-commerce website?

    Answer would be Yes, anyone can achieve these points, just need to go with right technology and product.
    And after a quite long research I have found that for an Perfect, well structured (front-end & Backend) and Comparatively faster Ecommerce website Professional should go with MAGENTO COMMERCE. This is Open source Ecommerce, CMS, and also Framework enabled system. It is totally based on Zend Framework, which is the best and very advance and secure Framework currently found in the Web Industry.

    I don’t want to take it more deeper, for more information please Google it.


  2. Farzina Sahin says:

    This article is very useful as it has discussed not only the problems but also the solutions of those problems regarding shopping cart abandonment . Many business will get help from this site.

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