One way link building- boon or a bane?

It is a known fact that link exchange is a successful direct marketing tool that aids in improving the organic search engine rankings of a website, often people get confused whether to opt for a one way link exchange or reciprocal link exchange program.

Here we try and dwell deeper into what one way links are, their importance and impacts on the rankings on a website.

To clarify and get a dictionary definition in place, one way links are the links placed on your website without any reciprocal link (or links linking back to a site) from your website. It is also termed as inbound or incoming link.

On the other hand, reciprocal link exchange means two or a three way link exchange wherein two or more parties mutually agree to place each other’s website links on their respective websites. This will also help you boost the number of back links.

Both one way links and reciprocal links have their own pros and cons but on the whole one way link exchange is considered as a better option. This is because:-

  • One way links related to your business, is one of the most important factors to improve the link popularity – an important ranking parameter.
  • You can get direct traffic to your site.
  • Usually it is observed that if you write an informational content that attracts the people, they link back to your website. It implies that the people have found your website helpful and valuable so much so that they decide to spread a word around.

So having understood the relevant importance of one way links, how do we go about getting one way links to our websites?

  • People can only link back your website to their site if they find the content on your site relevant to their area of interest.
  • If your website is linked back to those websites that have good page rank, then it also affects your page rank positively.
  • Look for the websites that are related to your business area and get your articles published there. For example: – if you are a web solutions provider and you notice something interesting and noteworthy on other related sites like, you can link on your company’s website.
  • Share your articles with other websites. Encourage other websites to publish your articles linking back to your own site.
  • Develop your blog and submit it on different blog directories.
  • Before contributing to any forum, make sure that the forum does not have ‘nofollow’ tag in the HTML coding of the page. The sites that are earmarked as nofollow are not applicable to get any page rank.For example: – if you wish to put the nofollow tag on, you first need to find out a key word from that site and then use the below mentioned HTML tag. No search engine crawler would neither crawl that key word (in this case the chosen key word is SEO) nor the website. There are several conditions that the search engines consider with regards to the nofollow tag.

    <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>seo</a>

  • Beware of the bad neighborhood attribute. (Bad neighborhood means when your site link is placed on unrelated websites. For example:- if you are a web solutions company and your website link is placed on manufacturing site, then this is referred to bad neighborhood.)
  • Write news releases on a regular basis and submit them to the online news wires and the sites which are related to the subject matter.
  • You can also become a part of some business associations that enlist its members’ websites on the Internet.
  • Do the directory submissions on directories like Yahoo etc.

Therefore, one way links can really boost user traffic on your website and hence, improved page rank.

However, there are some inherent drawbacks to access one way link exchange programs. What we have mentioned here are some of the broad guidelines that need to be kept in mind. For further details on this, it is always advisable to consult an expert.

-By Neha Gulati

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