Necessity: Mobile Compatible Website?

Mobile compatible websites
It is not a startling fact that the Internet Deployment has been soaring during the course of the last few years. As specified by a Morgan Stanley report, handheld web use is expected to match desktop use by 2014. Despite having facts at hand, quite a lot of business sites are still not handheld friendly resulting in low user retention, high bounce rate and hence loss of business opportunities.

So another website… eh?
No, you actually don’t need to have multiple websites to capitalize the mobile and tablet using target market audience. Responsive design can actually offer a great web experience to your audience on the mobile with the same website. This would result in engaged audience further resulting in profitability.

Responsive – what’s that?
Responsive Web Design is the tactic that recommends that design and development of website should respond to the user’s milieu. This means when the user will switch from laptop to iPad to mobile website, your website will automatically adjust to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities.

How do I get rolling?
First, consult as to which responsive style shall suit your business needs best. Here is some quick Gyan for you:
Flexible solution –
Liquid Responsive or Fixed Responsive

Liquid Responsive or Fixed Responsive
Fixed Responsive

Fixed Responsive

Other identifiable benefits:

  • Enhanced option for search/ SEO –Responsive design allows you to keep your particular domain while websites for mobile require distinct domain. With particular domain company’s link equity get preserved resulting in better option for search. Because of which Responsive Web Design has been even endorsed by Google. When Google is endorsing, how can we say no this smart thing?
  • Expand your range to handheld audience – With liquid responsive design site will look good on browsers while viewing on handhelds even if it shrinks or enlarges whereas with a Mobile site it can’t be executed across variety of devices ~ Tablet sales are expected to rise over millions in coming years!
  • Better Returns on Investment – Responsive design doesn’t require separate maintenance cost as compared to Mobile sites.

We hope with the above mentioned, you are able to take a call on the importance of a responsive design. Do let us know in case you would like one of our consultants to call you and discuss this further, to finetune the solution for your business.

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