If you want to make your business global, why not benefit from Multi-lingual SEO?

Facts About Internet users

- Buyers are three times more likely to purchase something if it is addressed in their own language

- Website visitors will remain on a site twice as long if they can read in their native language

- 70% of Web Users who can read English prefer buying from sites in their own language

- Nearly 90% of people who have little or no English ability spend most or all of their time on sites in their native language

Multilingual SEO – Concept

All corporates are aware about the benefits of Search Engine Optimization but when it comes to multi-lingual SEO, people become apprehensive. It is because the concept of Multi-lingual SEO is not very clearly understood by the people.

Multi-lingual SEO is nothing like translating your complete website according to the prefecture one belongs to. In fact it is about testing the potentiality of your online business with the international market. It does not have to deal with any native language for business but the global language – English.

There is a misconception about MSEO that one needs to translate the language of the entire website in order to submit to the foreign search engines. However, this is not true. In case you want your website to be optimized in German search engines, MSEO tells you to have at least one page in German, optimized with German keywords and Meta tags. This page will have the look and feel of your home page and will carry a German version of the page that gives an introduction to your services or products. The rest of the pages will be in English for the understandability of the people all over.

Multilingual SEO – Benefits

The main motive behind SEO is to make web users land on your website and MSEO does the same. Thus it brings your potential clients to your website by communicating with them in different languages. Once they have landed on your website, it is your job to take them further. If they refuse to communicate any longer after seeing your rest of the pages in English, they are not your true potential clients. Therefore, MSEO gives you the advantage of identifying your curious potential customers and the serious ones.

Further, when we say about ‘submission on Japanese search engines’, it is not the search engines in Japan alone. In fact it refers to all Japanese speaking markets which might be in any corner of the world.

Your website will not be able to be viewed by internet users in Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, etc. if your website does not obey to the norms of MSEO. MSEO can indeed bring business to you from every corner of the world!

Tips for making your site multi-lingual

Localize for your target audience – Localization goes beyond translation. However, for either to really work in the target culture, one must to take into account the nuances of culture and language that are at the heart of true communication. So while a translation may be accurate linguistically, extra attention still needs to be paid to the broader context in which it will be used. Choose translators for understanding the current cultural nuances of the target audience.

Location-specific terms and keywords – Collect search terms and keywords popular with your potential audience and relevant for searches conducted in the target language.

Host natively – Host your website on a server in your targeted country. It helps with credibility and increases organic search engine benefits.

Regional domains – If you are focusing primarily on regional specific search engines for example ‘Netherlands’ then, register an .nl domain.

Regional links – Include links from websites in the same region as this will help increase search results.

PageRank Transfer – Make sure to link to your regional website from your main site.

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By: Devrishi Arora

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2 Responses to “If you want to make your business global, why not benefit from Multi-lingual SEO?”

  1. Rahul Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing this Tips for making your site multi-lingual…

    please Keep Updating

  2. Michael Farin says:

    Great, informative article! I appreciate the tips on making our Miami SEO services available to foreign markets. It’s good to know we don’t have to translate our entire website – just a foreign-language landing page.

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