Mobile web design- How effective is it?

Mobile phone is regarded as one of the best mediums to disseminate information to the consumers in the current scenario. Mobile website development enables the web marketers to involve consumers who are on the move, at home or in the office.

Web design for mobile devices can prove to be very profitable for the web marketers:-

  • You can help your target group to understand about your company, know more about your products/services etc.
  • Ensure users’ participation through contests, special offers etc.
  • Your target group can view reviews about your products/services.

It is predicted that by 2013, the number of web users on the mobile phones would overtake the users who access the internet through desktops or the laptops.

Hence, it is essential to get your website designed for mobile devices as soon as possible to expand your business further.

-By Neha Gulati

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3 Responses to “Mobile web design- How effective is it?”

  1. admin says:

    Just today I was in a music store looking at mics. Pulled out the mobile phone and conducted a search on the product to compare prices. I don’t always carry my laptop around or an Ipad, but I always have my phone. I’ve also searched for the nearest restaurant in the area I was in. I think a site that is optimized for mobile searches is going to be way ahead of that game.

    Note: This comment was posted by Regina L Floyd via LinkedIn

  2. admin says:

    Since the release of my mobile site, I have had multiple contacts use their phone to reach out to me. Of course, I have marketed my mobile version of the site so I may not be the norm.

    Usually, I get the vibe that the people that are using their mobile device to browse my site are more tech savvy and are either other devs like myself looking for inspiration or they work in the tech dept of their company and are typically more inclined to know why I would need a mobile site.

    It is still a new technology for most people, but it is the future and starting with a mobile site now would put you ahead of the curb….that is a great place to be.

    Note: This comment was posted by- Eric Oliver via LinkedIn

  3. admin says:

    engagement…build a better mousetrap and the world will lead a path to your door.

    Mobile is viral…they are many more opportunities to establish and manage long term relationship with clients over mobile. I said this 7 years ago in a two texting campaign product we were promoting…people will lose their homes before they lose their cell phones…

    You can be lying in the hospital covered head to toes in a full body cast and the nurse will still put your mobile to your head for you…


    Note: This comment was posted by- Guy Battaglia via LinkedIn

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