Why Mobile Sites and Mobile SEO is Crucial for your Business?

Why Mobile Matters?

Exciting year this is turning out to be. With the explosion of the mobile industry, we are witnessing a shift in the way people use and connect to the internet. I don’t remember the last time I turned on my laptop for Google search or Facebook, my iPhone is more accessible with the instant-ON and always handy. So is the case with the Androids, BlackBerrys and Windows phones of the world.

When your customers spend more time on their mobile, it becomes crucial for your business to incorporate forward thinking SEO practices into your mobile strategy. Having a mobile site which enables quick access to your content, Mobile SEO to ensure your mobile site is easily detected by search engines and found by your customers.

News from Google and then some

Google’s CEO recently said in his keynote at the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership meeting keynote that mobile search is growing much faster than desktop search. “We look at the charts internally and it’s happening faster than all of our predictions”. More than 60% of consumers search from mobile devices before making a purchase, and another 49% of mobile searchers made a mobile purchase in the past six months.

A recent study states that:

  • 75 percent said mobile search makes their lives easier
  • 63 percent said access to mobile search has changed the way they gather information
  • 32 percent said they use mobile search more than search engines on their computers

Businesses must focus on mobile as an important piece of their overall marketing campaigns that can drive substantial traffic and increase revenue.

- By Ash Chopra

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3 Responses to “Why Mobile Sites and Mobile SEO is Crucial for your Business?”

  1. admin says:


    I think this is the direction the world is moving towards. As someone said possibly half of the market is on the mobile. Plus with all the social media on mobile it means people spend lots of time on their phone so its best to be where they are.

    I am really considering it.



    Note: This comment was posted by- David Karanja via LinkedIn

  2. admin says:

    Absolutely! Roughly 45% of Americans now have smart-phones and anyone that has surfed the web on their phone and come across a “non-mobile-friendly” website, understands how frustrating it is to expand, enlarge and read the content.

    A mobile-friendly website is a MUST in any successful Marketing Mix. Without one, you are surely losing sales and possibly frustrating your existing customers who use mobile devices (phones & tablets) to research and shop online.

    Note: This comment was posted by- Kenneth Sammons via LinkedIn

  3. admin says:

    Interesting statistics:

    - 63% of mobile visitors are less likely to buy from a business if they encounter issues via mobile web, Harris Interactive
    - More than 50 per cent of consumers are unlikely to return to your site if they have a poor mobile experience, and 40 per cent would go to a competitor’s site instead, according to an October 2009 study of consumers’ mobile web experiences by Equation Research on behalf of Gomez, Inc.
    - Mobile websites generate a 300% increase in purchases from mobile devices, Garnett Hill m-commerce
    - Eighty percent of the participants surveyed by Compete were unable to complete a product purchase and 45 percent of them abandoned the transaction due to the site’s inability to load. An additional 38 percent gave up because the site was not optimized.
    - 2011 mobile commerce expected to be 10-15%, Booz & Company
    - returning m-commerce customers purchase 3-4 times as many items as desktop ecommerce users

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