Reasons for having a mobile friendly website

Reasons for having a mobile friendly website

We have already discussed about the importance of designing a mobile friendly website in a couple of articles, this post includes latest statistics to give a proof of the concept:-

1. Customers have an inclination towards the mobile web surfing

  • Number of mobile web users
    It is estimated that the mobile web users would surpass the number of internet users on the desktop PCs by 2013.
  • Mobile web search
    Mobile web search has improved by 4X since 2010.
  • Mobile handset per person
    Looking at the current trend, it is also predicted that by 2015, every individual on this planet would at least have one mobile handset which would certainly boost your traffic.

2. Expectation of a better mobile web browsing experience

  • Website load time
    60% of the mobile web users expect the download time of the mobile websites to be 3 seconds or even less.
  • Faster load time
    71% of the mobile web users expect a mobile site to load faster than a website which is compatible with the desktops or laptops.
  • Number of re-tries
    Only 78% of the users would try to load a website as a result of slow downloads.
    Analyzing the current web search pattern, it is noticed that the website loading time is extremely essential for the users else they would switch from one website to another which would inherently affect the bounce rate of the website.

3. Word-of-mouth referrals

  • Bad mobile site
    57% of the users would not speak positive about a company that provides an uninviting mobile web experience.
    It is important to optimize your mobile friendly website; else you may lose some of your customers. Reputation of a company largely depends on the perceptions of its target audience. It is advisable to make a productive use of every medium of communication that you are using. Mobile sites hence become one area to target your prospects effectively.
  • Bad mobile web experience
    A statistic also states that around 40% of the users would jump to a competitor’s site if they are not satisfied with your mobile web experience.
  • Frustration of users on their mobile phones due to a slow download
    23% of the users got irritated with their mobile handsets when they could not load a mobile site on their mobile handsets.
    This is essentially because we all have become so dependent on our mobile devices that it is nearly impossible to imagine a life without our mobile phones and a mobile friendly site helps us gather the required information even on the move.

4. A medium to grow your local business

  • Local information on Smartphones
    95% of the users connect to a mobile site to fetch some local information using their Smartphones.
    People prefer to do mobile web search especially to collect important information of a nearly outlet, or restaurant, or real estate agent, or to know the departure time of their flight etc.
  • Acquire useful information
    61% of the users reach a business/company after acquiring useful information about that company on their mobile devices whereas 59% of the users actually visit the location.
  • Take the desired action
    94% of the users take the desired action- enquire about a company, purchase the products/services etc. within 24 hours.
    As an entrepreneur, you can expect instant response by your target audience as most the users explore the mobile web when they are on the move. A mobile site can be said to be a good call-to-action tool.

5. Mobile apps are good to explore but can’t undermine the significance of a mobile site

  • Mobile site better than a mobile app
    81% of the users use the mobile sites rather than mobile apps to do price comparisons.
  • Product reviews
    79% of the people use the mobile sites to obtain product reviews.
  • Favor m-commerce
    63% of the users do e-shopping via their mobile devices.

6. Mobile friendly websites can boost your m-commerce business

  • Mobile web search resulting in sale of a product/service
    50% of the users are believed to purchase a product or hire a service using the mobile web.

The above mentioned statistics states the importance of a mobile friendly website. To know more about mobile website design and mobile SEO, please contact our mobile web experts.

-By Neha Gulati

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