Mobile commerce trends-a boom to mobile marketing?

Technology has completely transformed the way we interact. The paradigm shift from desktops to laptops and now the mobile phones has revolutionized the entire web scenario. There are approximately 429.7 million Smartphone subscribers worldwide and it is predicted that this number will rise to 1,187.4 million subscribers in 2015. The growing trend of mobile web users has given a way to mobile commerce.

People now prefer to surf the internet on their handheld devices like the mobile phones, Smartphones, Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs) etc. which has led the business owners to promote and advertise themselves through this medium.

Mobile commerce essentially means buying and selling of products/services via the handheld devices.

With mobile ecommerce, consumers can purchase the products/services while in transit, in office or elsewhere. Some of the glaring benefits of mobile commerce are:-

  • First Movers Advantage
  • Mobile ecommerce provides an opportunity to the mobile retailers to be amongst the first ones to use this platform and catch attention of the tech savvy audience.

  • Repeat Sales
  • Users generally prefer mobile web browsing when they are on the move. Once a customer is satisfied with your product or service, he/she would like to come back to your mobile website more frequently. This leads to repeat sales.

  • Niche customers
  • Mobile commerce allows the mobile website owners to penetrate their market and catch the attention of the niche customers.

  • Convenience and Ease in Use
  • As we know that the mobile websites include only the important and the most relevant information, so these websites are easy to load and provide convenience to the customers to easily get in touch with the retailers.

    It consists of simple navigation that can enhance the user experience.

  • Brand Loyalty
  • Brand loyalty is established when the number of frequent buyers increase. The more your frequent buyers are, the better your brand loyalty is.

Why mobile commerce?

According to a latest survey,

  • Around 51.6% of the Smartphone owners found a store location on their mobile handsets,
  • While 47.6% purchased the desired products/services through their mobile phones.
  • Only 13.6% of the users used the mobile coupons to avail the discount/s.

Despite all these figures, there is one school of thought that believe that there is an element of risk (in terms of security) attached with mobile ecommerce, however the above mentioned figures state that m-commerce is a lucrative platform to invest and entice the tech savvy audience.

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-By Neha Gulati

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6 Responses to “Mobile commerce trends-a boom to mobile marketing?”

  1. admin says:

    In the short term I think you will find that the mobile will supplement your sales but in the longer term it will become the main means for sales.

    Here in Australia we have seen a 25% month on month growth of sales on the mobile through PayPal. Checkout the following following Podcast as to where mobile payments are going

    The lines between the web and mobile are blurring but if you are in the B2C market then a transactional mobile site is something you need to have.

    Note: This comment was posted by- Richard Brock via LinkedIn

  2. admin says:


    Absolutely. Companies should be where their customers are. Currently, lots of customers use mobile phones any time and anywhere. So, companies should exploit this “always on the go” feature of mobile phones and interact with their customers more often.
    I also think more businesses will start implementing mobile marketing soon regardless of their business nature and target market.

    Kind Regards, Aygul

    Note: This comment was posted by- Aygul Umurzakova via LinkedIn

  3. admin says:

    It basically comes down to the fact that mobile is changing the way people research, compare, shop and purchase products
    - over 60% of consumers no begin their purchase process on a mobile device
    - 15% of all Black Friday searches this year are expected to take place on mobile devices
    - 44% of all searches for last minute deals and store locations are enticipated to take place on mobile devices
    - 50% of consumers said that having a mobile optimized website was either important or very important
    These are a few pieces of research that point to how important mobile is to consumers.
    There are many reports out that talk about the failure rate for people using standard website on mobile devices. Standard websites have an 80% lower success rate on mobile phones than mobile optimized sites.
    So yes – having a mobile site is becoming an imperative.
    Sources: Mobile Commerce Daily, Google AdMob, Emarketer

    Note: This comment was posted by- Al Fiala via LinkedIn

  4. admin says:

    I think mobile websites are supplement your sales as more and more people are now using mobile internet to get instant information. With the launch of 3G services young generation are more depended on mobile as a tool or information which are handy in use.

    Note: This comment was posted by- Rajnish Kumar via LinkedIn

  5. admin says:

    As long as you get the basic principals when implementing your mobile site, yes it will be of high value to any company. You cannot ignore the sheer amount of traffic coming via a mobile device in this era and therefore have to tailor your provision to that segment. M-commerce is a new area but is something you need to look at.

    Note: This comment was posted by- @ecomsam via LinkedIn

  6. admin says:

    Mobile is another way to win clients. On the internet consumers may use 10 or more sites for information while they will only use one or two on mobile for the same information. If you win in mobile then you have created a real barrier to your competitors.

    Note: This comment was posted by- Greg Deming via LinkedIn

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