Manual Link Building – This is what you need. Remember to read the fine Print!

I recently came across this service provider in the West Coast of the US offering a Link Building service 250 Directory Submissions, 50 Article Submissions and 50 Social Bookmarks at a $ 50 per month fee!

I was a little intrigued by the service offering as we offer similar services and charge a much higher fee, considering we are in India and have lower costs and overheads.

This got me to do some back of the envelope calculations to arrive at the conclusion, that what that company was offering was a mere Marketing gimmick totally intended to make a ‘fool’ out of an ignorant customer!

All that was needed to be done by any customer before falling into this trap, was to compare and Apple to an Apple! In doing so the following facts become evident.

1. The local companies costs cannot be lower than $ 10 per hour considering the overheads and man hour costs for this kind of a skill. And assuming they are making a profit margin of 15-20%, the said agency is not putting in more than 4 hours of work into each individual project, in terms of man hours.

2. Now this makes me to be believe that if they are actually still doing 250 directory submissions + 50 bookmarks and article submissions each, within 4 hours – There has to be some ‘Automated Tool’ doing the Search Engine submissions. Since it is humanly not possible to do all of the following 9 tasks a mere 40 seconds!

  • Open a link from a Directory Database
  • Identify the right category for the submission
  • Write/(or paste) content into a form and in cases even fill out a registration form.
  • Verify a Captcha code (usually present on all forms)
  • Check the submission
  • Submit the form
  • Wait for a Thank you Message
  • Verify the Listing on the site
  • Then Login the Entry into a data sheet

Our take on doing one submission is between 2-3 mins at a reasonably high efficiency level. This is what it will take for a Manual Submission which is what we do.

3. We too have tools that could do the submissions, but we strongly recommend NOT to use such tools for the following reasons -

  • Tools can’t usually get past captcha code which are a standard in reasonably good directories. So if non-captcha directories are being used for submission of the site – consider the Directory to be sub-standard. Imagine submitting to Dmoz with a Tool – Impossible!
  • Sites usually ‘catch’ tool based submissions (through various techniques such as Honeypot etc.) and disapprove listings, as there are some very strong Anti-spam tools installed on servers nowadays.
  • Tools usually used may not identify the right category for the submission. This can hence lead to dilution of content relevance and can in-fact be a negative for the overall SEO strategy.

This made us believe that the comparisons were based on an assumption of only price and not what was actually being offered.

Don’t get fooled into a Trap – Think through the above before signing up!

-By Vivek Merani

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