Who should use Magento websites?

Magento Websites

Everyone is talking about how e-commerce has transformed the way we run our businesses. The present day buyer can purchase a product from home, office, or probably from anyplace in the world, as long as he/she is connected to the Internet. This has caused an explosion in the number of e-commerce websites, each offering something new to the customer.

However, this has also resulted into an opportunity for various companies in developing e-commerce platforms that make the management of such sites easier, better and more robust. Systems like: Magento, Zen Cart, OS commerce, X Cart, etc. are all examples of such platforms.

So, this has also resulted into a lot of confusion for business owners. Basically, there are now so many platforms or systems available, that it becomes difficult for a business owner to decide which one to use.

With this article, we will try and de-mystify a little, focusing on one particular platform, but subsequently, we will also discuss the others.

Let’s begin exploring Magento – a very robust e-commerce platform that has a huge array of features to choose from, in addition to their self developed Plugins that add on new functionalities. But, the primary question here is – Who Should Use a Magento Site?

Below mentioned are some very simple questions, which can help you determine if Magento is the right platform for you:

    1. Does your website need multi-store support?

    If you are looking at creating multiple e-commerce websites, integrated into one for easy management and require a flexible online store, then Magento is surely the system you would like to use.  The inherent benefit of Magento is that it allows the admin to create multiple stores on one site, which all function independently. All the stores can be given individual brandings and yet be integrated through one administration control panel.

    2. Do you need additional features and functionality?

    The benefit with Magento is they have taken an initiative to offer extensions or plugins that can virtually help you with everything, ranging from creating multi-lingual sites, to adding an extension to upsell your products, to even getting an extension that allows the emails to be integrated with your emails solutions. This makes Magento a very robust system.

    3. Do you require design templates?

    Quite like others, Magento also has an extensive library of designs to choose from. It offers an opportunity to the web merchants to completely customize their Magento e-commerce websites to suit their domain of business and meet the requirements of their clients.

The multi-store support, search engine friendly URL structure, easy to configure widgets, smooth and secure guest check-out, easy customization- are some of the eye catching features of Magento that can help you run a profitable web store.  However, the end decision of choosing a Magento website depends on your scale of business.

Hope the aforesaid list has given you a fair idea- whether Magento websites are good for you or not. We develop customizable Magento websites for our clients. If you have any questions related to Magento web development, please let our web experts answer your queries.

-By Neha Gulati

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