All you would like to know about Lead Generation!

Lead Generation is essentially an effort to increase the number of people enquiring about your organization and/or the products & services. These can be prospects for customers, business alliances, prospective team members or employees or even people who are just interested in staying in touch and updated, depends on what you are capturing and the purpose of the lead generation tool.

However, the primary motive of increasing leads or enquiries remain to increase sales by giving you a larger number of people to interact with. Hence to generate more business, it is important to attract an increased number of quality visitors to your website who leave their information through the lead generation tool.

Well, you will find innumerable tools to capture leads, however we have highlighted some of the most important ones below:

Lead capture pages: One of the most important tools to capture a lead is the contact form or the quick connect form. This is for those who are genuinely interested in the product or services that you offer. These lead capture pages acquire the e-mail addresses and names of your visitors. When they find your website on the internet, these forms are the best means to communicate and get in touch to offer them the best.


Landing pages: A landing page is one that users come to first on the website, for example, while running a PPC campaign, you may have a particular page that you may like to promote during the campaign. The landing page needs to have all the necessary information as well as a lead capture mechanism like a form submission. These pages should be interesting and informative thus directing the visitors to the affiliate page or product that you are promoting. For instance, if you are some service provider, your landing page needs to be the page that tells about the services.


Articles or Blogs: Article writing on the web has now created a great impact on the web users. No doubt these articles bring quality traffic to your website but at the same time, even capture a good number of leads. The quality of your writing can impress people and in turn make them interested in your products or services. Your visitors would definitely leave their contact information after they find a well-written and helpful article. This could also be in the way of them leaving comments on your articles.


Newsletters: The basic motive behind sending a newsletter is top update the reader on the recent development in the organization or industry. This usually also reminds prospects of your presence in the business domain. Your company newsletter should contain all the information about your company and when you send them to your potential and existing clients, it may lead to interest generation and they could get in touch with you for a proposal.


Lead Generation is beneficial to your business and has become popular amongst all businesses.

  • From proper lead generation comes a higher figure of sales.
  • It allows the sales team to get in touch with the right person in organizations and invest more time in meeting the decision makers.
  • Lead Generation saves both time and resource that are required to find the limited number of clients that falls into your category. You do not have to loiter around searching for your prospect clients amongst the scrambled lot.
  • Last but not the least, with lead generation one can limit the prefecture one wishes to get business from. In other words, you can very well decide on the feasibility of making deals.

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By: Shabana

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