Key Pointers- for a good homepage design

The first thing a user would see when he/she opens up any URL is the homepage of a website. Whether the user further navigates into the site or closes the page depends largely on the kind of a homepage the site has. Of course, this does not refer to those users who have landed on a wrong site.

Sometimes referred to as the landing page, the homepage of a website is like the preface of a book. There are some attributes that the homepage needs to have, however, what is more important, and what we would like to focus on in this article, is some of the important parameters that you need to keep in mind while visualizing the homepage of your own business.

What should be on your homepage?

- It should show your visitors who you are.
- It should show what your visitors can find useful on your site.
- It should inspire your visitors to read more on your site or to buy your product.
- It should also allow your visitors navigate to other sections of your site easily.

This can be answered by a couple of very simple questions:

1. What does the company do?
2. How many different sets of people are going to view the website?
3. What are the different sections of my homepage?

So, let’s start by analyzing each of those questions and getting answers:

1. What does the company do?
Here, you need to define whether it is a product selling or service providing company.

For example:-
- If it’s a service providing company, then the basic aim is to promote the services.

- If it’s an e-commerce website, then the products are your main highlights.

- If it’s a manufacturing firm, then it would like to showcase the products, services, delivery capacity, quality standards etc.

2. How many different sets of people are going to view the website?
This question largely depends on:

- The geographical location of the target audience.
- The demography of the target audience.
- The age group to which your target group belongs.
- And their psychology.

This segregation will also help you define several other things such as:
- Which colors to use?
- The preferred arrangement of different sections on the homepage.
- Component of flash on the homepage.
- The selection of the relevant content on the homepage etc.

For example: -
- Based on your industry, you need to identify your target group like:  customers, prospective customers, vendors, employees, prospective employees, etc. Once you have identified such categories of people, it will be easier for you to understand what needs to be shown on the homepage first.

- Also, according to the age group, the geographic location, demography etc. select the colors for your website like: a person belonging to an age group of 50-60 settled in the USA may prefer subtle colors like shades of grey, white etc. vis-à-vis an individual belonging to an age group of 18-25 who would like more vibrant colors like: red, yellow, blue, orange etc.

- Furthermore, color scheme also depends on your company objectives as well as the design and the color of the company logo. (For detailed information on this, please refer-

- If your target audience ranges from 18-25, then there should be infotainment based content.

- The decision regarding the different sections on the homepage is based on your sphere of working and then on the preference of your TA.

3. What are the different sections of my homepage?
Depending on your area of working and keeping in mind the objectives of your website, jot down the essential points that should be considered as the important sections of your homepage.

For example: – if you are service provider, then the main sections of your homepage are: About Us, Services, Clients, Testimonials, Contact Us form, Portfolio and Site Map.

These are the three most crucial questions that you must answer to figure out the perfect ingredients for your website homepage. Hence, we can say that the success of your business depends on your website and the success of your website is directly proportional to ability of your homepage in lead/s conversion.

-By Neha Gulati

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2 Responses to “Key Pointers- for a good homepage design”

  1. Sahil says:

    Thanks for the suggestions for making my website(under construction). I think now I have the idea to improve my homepage.

  2. mauco says:

    These are all very important points to consider for a good homepage design. Especially point #2, because having a good understanding of the demography of our website users will enable us design a homepage that suits their needs. Thanks for sharing this.

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