The what and how about ‘Call to Action’…

An important aspect of a successful website is the interest it generates in the reader and the subsequent action the user takes on the site. The action could be varied, from browsing further into the site, or submitting his/her information, or buying products from the site… actions can be many.

What do you get the user to do…?

It is pivotal to use an effective call to action tool. Call to action basically means adding a clickable button or a link on your website that can allow the user to take the desired action. For example: – subscribe to the newsletter, request a proposal etc.

It should also be noted that call to action used not only depends on your business objectives but it also depends on the requirement/s of your target audience.

Let’s understand the basic advantages of using different types of call to action:-

Increase Sales

Different forms of call to action can be used to boost the sales of your business. You can place your call to action tool at a prominent position on your website so that your target audience can easily locate your call to action tool and take the necessary action. For example:-

  • Buy a Product/service

This is a direct marketing tool that directly allows the prospective buyer/s to purchase your product or service.

  • Visit our store

You can use various methods to entice the visitors to visit your store and purchase your product. Provide some kind of incentive to your prospects like: – price offs, coupons, discounts etc. Also, integrate a dynamic road map that guides your visitors towards your store.

  • Promotional offers and discounts

You can attract the attention of your prospects by providing them attractive offers and discounts.

Increase Leads

Increasing leads can be another objective of using a call to action tool on your website. Attract genuine traffic towards your website by providing:-

  • Free trials

You can offer free trial of your product or service to your prospective buyers for limited duration of time. It is a known fact that humans get attracted towards something that is distributed for free. This way you can garner more leads…

  • Limited days offer

You can provide an offer or a scheme to your prospects that may be limited for a particular period of time. This can result in immediate action by your prospects and hence, more leads.

  • Contact us

Adding a ‘contact us‘ form on your website is great way to gather the essential contact details of your target audience.

  • Get a quote

Encouraging the interested target group to get a free quote not only helps to gather more leads but also helps in understanding the requirements of your prospective clients and analyze their minds.

  • Forward to a friend

By adding ‘forward to a friend’ link on your website, you can promote your products/services, blog etc. allow your website visitors to share something that they feel is interesting or would benefit them in their business. This is a good word-of-mouth publicity tool.

Stay Connected with your customers/prospects

  • Subscribe to the newsletter

Newsletter subscription can be used as a tool to update your clients and your prospects about the latest developments in your industry and it can also be used as a medium of brand recall.

  • Follow us on social media

Creating your company profile on social networking sites such as: – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. is an innovative way to stay connected with your prospective customers and your clientele. You can develop healthy business relations with your clients using the social media.

Attend an event

You can organize both online as well as offline events to drive more visitors to your website and boost your profit margin. For example:-

  • Offline event

You can position a blinking clickable button on your website to provide details about an exhibition, trade fair etc. that you have decided to organize. For the convenience of your target public you can encourage online registration of the event.

  • Online event

You can also organize an online event that can allow your visitors to share their views on a specific topic or agenda.


Adding a comment, review or a feedback also helps you to earn better search engine rankings. It also results in mouth publicity for your company/brand.

Find Us/Contact Us/Dealer Locator/Your nearest Store

Provide all the necessary details to your prospects so that they can easily contact with you. Your office address, phone numbers, e-mail ids, skype id, list of dealers (if any) and their office address etc. is an important call to action that every website must have.


  • Enhance our service

You can ask your prospects to share their experience of buying a product/service from your website. The comments and other reviews given by your prospects can help to improve the quality of your product/service, delivery terms etc.

  • Gather useful information

Collect important details of your prospective clients like: – name, e-mail address etc. You can request your prospects to fill-in a questionnaire which will in turn aid in capturing more leads.

Now that we have learned the advantages of call to action, it is also essential to measure its effectiveness. The effectiveness of your call to action depends on how effectively you have presented your idea to your audience.

  • Generic key phrases

It is advisable to not to use generic keywords/phrases as your call to action. For example: – ‘Try the product/service’ is a generic call to action and when you write ‘Free product/service Trial’, it specifically emphasize that you can test the product/service for free (for a particular duration of time).

  • Keep it simple

Use simple key phrases that can easily be understood by your target audience and compel them to act upon your call to action in a manner as desired by you. For example: – write ‘Get a quote’ rather than ‘Get an estimate’.

  • Immediate action

Use key phrases that can lead to immediate action and convert your prospective customer into your regular client. For example: – simply write ‘Offer Valid for 20 Days’ rather than writing ‘Limited Days Offer’.

Call to action may vary from one business to another. Therefore, the placement of your call to action tool as well as the color combination used is also an important issue to be considered.

Precaution: Do not clutter your web page with too many calls to action. Highlight the prominent ones and use the rest as the secondary ones.

Hope the above mentioned information is useful to you… Looking forward to know your views on this…

-By Neha Gulati

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2 Responses to “The what and how about ‘Call to Action’…”

  1. SEO Agency says:

    Nice article Neha. I use the term “engage” a lot. I think the viewer wants an experience from the site and they also want to engage its motives and understand in simple terms , what the website owner wants them to do.

  2. Rakishi Luthra says:

    One of the greatest benefits of Internet Marketing is that you do not have to speak to prospects and do cold calling or hard selling.

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