Impact of Social Media Marketing on SEO..

Impact of SMM on SEO

Organizing an event, or conducting a webinar, or launching a new product, or participating in an exhibition… social media is by far the fastest and an intimate medium to spread a message across numerous prospects with just a simple click.

Not only the businesses but the consumers also enjoy connecting with their favorite brand/s on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Social Media Marketing also helps in improving the Search Engine Optimization of a website.

To find out how this is done, check out the list below:-

  1. Better Search Engine Rankings

    We all know that the search engine rankings depend on the effectiveness of the key words used. These key words can also be used to promote your business profile on different social networks.

    For example: mobile website design, web design company etc.

    Your status updates, wall posts, tweets etc. get crawled by the search engines; meaning another step towards a good page rank.

  2. Link-Wheel Sharing

    You may have 10,000 followers on Twitter, 8500 fans on Facebook and 1500 connections on LinkedIn. It is also possible that a person connected to you on Facebook may not be connected on LinkedIn or any other social networking websites.

    Here, link-wheel sharing plays a dominant role. By inter-linking all your social networking profiles, you can allow your fans/followers to get an instant notification of all your activities done on a particular social network.

    For example: – suppose you have inter-linked your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and have promoted your blog on LinkedIn, this update will automatically reach your Twitter followers. When the web spider would crawl your update, this would have a positive impact on your search engine ranking.

  3. Backlinks

    Backlinks are essentially used to increase the popularity of a website as a lot of weightage is given to it by the search engines. What kind of backlinks do I have?

    • Your profile URL on social bookmarking websites acts as a very powerful backlink.
    • The URL of all the individual posts is also used as a backlink.
    • Profile sharing on various social networks encourages more participation and engagement which improves your ‘likes’ count, comments, re-tweets, votes etc. URL of one social network acts as a backlink for another.

Most of the web experts believe that it is possible to pull instant traffic towards a website through social media marketing which may not be possible through Search Engine Optimization techniques. Search Engine Optimization is an on-going process; hence it may take time to see the result/s.

Contact our web experts to help you optimize your social media networks.

-By Neha Gulati

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