Impact of Hummingbird on Website Rankings

Impact of Hummingbird on Website Rankings

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Does your website adhere to the guidelines that have been set post the Google Hummingbird update? If not, then you need to do something about it as this is going to impact your website rankings on search engines.

This new update will definitely affect the website and its positioning on Google, the most popular search engine by far. This is going to affect your website rankings and traffic in the following circumstances.

  • Quality Content: The web presence and rankings of the website will be impacted in case there is no quality content on the website. The content should be good enough to provide the required information to the visitor who is searching for a particular information.
  • Duplicate Content: Copied or similar content which is there on any other website needs to be changed immediately. Google penalizes websites that have got copied content and post the Hummingbird update things have become stricter.
  • SEO Parameters: Post the update Google has identified about 200 parameters which are considered when determining the rankings of a website. If your website does not comply with those parameters then it is going to bring down the rankings of your site.

The discussed things are some of the after effects of this particular update on your website and ultimately the online business. It is very much important to make your website less prone to these risks and ensure your current search rankings on relevant keywords are not affected.

What is the resolution?

You can use the Google Hummingbird update to your advantage by having a new SEO strategy wherein importance need to be given to Content. The following things need to be done in order to ensure the website ranks well on all of the targeted keywords.

  • Promote the Brand: For being in sync with the new algorithm it is important to mention the brand name and promote it well. This is definitely going to have a positive impact on the positioning of the website
  • Content Relevancy: The content needs to be such which exactly answers the main search queries of the visitor. Hummingbird is going to give lesser importance to specific keywords as the primary focus will be on the natural languages used for search and especially the long tail keywords.
  • More Entrance Pages: Google will give more importance to websites that have got more entrance pages. Such websites will definitely rank better on long tailed key phrases.
  • New and Creative Content: One of the ways of increasing the number of entrance pages is by producing new and more creative content. Using YouTube videos and creative info-graphics will be advantageous.

So, before you see further drop in rankings and overall traffic to the website it is high time that you have changed your SEO strategies for coping up with the Hummingbird update.

–Vipin K.

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