Useful image optimization techniques…

A complete text based document vis-à-vis a document with pleasing images and graphics that beautifully supports the text- which one would you prefer? Of course the second one. Why? Because every image has something to express. Despite being a non-spoken form of communication, images can better support the text and can increase the site traffic.

Hence, it is important to optimize the graphics and images used in our websites and other web pages.

Image Optimization is like Search Engine Optimization wherein relevant key words and effective techniques are applied to attain high rankings on different search engines.

By using simple techniques, you can optimize your images. Let’s have a look at these:-

  1. ALT Attribute
  2. You would have seen numerous images on different web pages. Have you ever placed the cursor of your mouse on the image? While doing so, you’ll see that a text flashed on the screen. The key word that describes the image is the ALT text.

    ALT text is important from the web browser point-of-view. It essentially includes a key word or two that best describes the image and makes it convenient for the search engine crawlers to crawl the image accordingly. Also, the ALT text downloads faster than the image.

    Suppose due to some reason your image is not being displayed or may be your browser does not support images, here the ALT text enables the viewers to know what the image is all about even if the image is not downloaded. It briefly defines the image.

    As you can see that in the above screen shot, the image is not downloaded, still the ALT text is displayed.

  3. Text Link
  4. It is used when there is a need to link a particular image to a web page. The text or the key words that are displayed here is known as the anchor text of the text link.

    The image in this screen shot is linked to an internal page of this website. On moving the cursor over it, ALT text is displayed while the URL of the linked web page appears at the bottom.

  5. Wrap Text
  6. Another way of presenting your image is that you can place your image at the center of the text that surrounds that image. This kind of style is common in newspapers, magazines etc.

    This is an illustration of an image wrapped with text all over.

  7. Caption Writing
  8. Write a caption or description (consisting of the related key words) below your image. This would also enhance your image’s search results.

    We have taken the screen shot of our own logo with a small description or caption that explains about this logo right below the image.

  9. Filename
  10. It is preferred to name the files rather than having random names that appear by default. For example: – use ‘mobile seo-tips.jpg’ rather than ‘DC421000.jpg’

These are some of the vital tips for an effective image optimization. Should have any questions? Feel free to consult our web experts.

-By Neha Gulati

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